News story: Additional funding for the Cadet Expansion Programme

Today’s announcement will see thousands of school pupils benefit from £2.3 million of additional funding as a fair funding model is introduced for all Combined Cadet Forces (CCF).

Following a consultation, the Defence Secretary has listened to schools and will now fund the infrastructure, running and adult volunteer costs for CCF units across the country.

The cadet programme allows young people to participate in challenging and enjoyable activities, develop valuable new life skills, and prepare them to play an active part in the community.

In recognition of these benefits the government is also looking to identify schools and communities who would benefit from this programme.

Bristol and Surrey Army Cadets enjoying their summer camps in 2014 [Picture: Copyright Army Cadet Force]

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

Cadet forces offer young people the chance to develop essential skills and CCF units play an important role in providing this experience in schools.

I’m pleased to announce that all school cadet units will receive the funding they need to make this opportunity available across the country.

Paul Luker, Chief Executive of the Council of Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, said:

The cadets provide fantastic opportunities for young people and the initiative to expand their number was greatly welcomed by the cadet community. It was therefore important for the Ministry of Defence to consult on the possible changes to CCF funding, and it is enormously reassuring that they have listened fully to the feedback received.

The funding model announced today will allow the cadets forces to move from strength to strength, and I very much welcome the Secretary of State’s determination to bring the cadet experience to more young people across the country.

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They have just closed the RN section at our local CCF by not allowing any kids to join,just in the process of forming a Sea Cadet Corps in town now,both instructors ex CCF RN CFAVs,how strange......;-)

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