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News story: Accelerator face-to-face meetings


War Hero
The Accelerator is holding a series of 30-minute face-to-face meetings across the UK to give you the opportunity to discuss your innovative research idea in private.

Register for a slot in Glasgow on 14 Feb 2017

Register for a slot in Edinburgh 15 Feb 2017

Register for a slot in Southampton on 1 Mar 2017

Register for a slot in Bristol on 2 Mar 2017

Meeting slots will be announced for Newcastle shortly, while other meetings will be arranged at different locations across the year.

The Accelerator focuses on innovations which can provide advantage to defence and national security to protect the UK from its adversaries. It funds the development of suppliers’ innovative ideas and provides support through to potential application. This is through the enduring competition or specific themed competitions.

Before you come to your meeting please prepare by thinking about:

  • what is your research idea?
  • what do you think is the military benefit? will it save time/costs, improve capability/performance/reliability? why should MOD invest in this work?
  • what will your approach be? how will you structure your research?
  • what will you deliver? what evidence will you produce?
  • what will the impact of your research be? how will you demonstrate progress towards the claimed benefit?

The main purpose of this meeting is for you to ask questions, and most importantly, receive advice from the team, so please leave time for this during your 30 minutes.

Spaces will be on a first-come, first-served basis and an organisation should only register once.

Defence and Security Accelerator

Email [email protected]

Telephone +44 (0)30 67704236

Please email for the quickest response.

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