News story: ACCEA issues advice on preparing applications for 2013 awards


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Ministry of Defence said:
ACCEA is currently in the early stages of planning for a possible 2013 round of awards. But as we foresee no major changes to our application forms, potential new or renewal applicants can prepare their application using forms and guidance from the 2012 round. Announcements about the 2013 round will be made later in the year.
[h=2]Advice for renewal applicants[/h] Even though ACCEA aims to remind renewal applicants that they need to submit a renewal application, we can’t guarantee to do so, and responsibility for submitting the application lies with individual award holders. To remind you about your renewal, we will usually send:

  • an email to the email address you have provided
  • a letter to your preferred correspondence address, if you have provided one
  • a letter to the chief executive of your last known employer, asking them to remind you to submit your application
You can check that we have the correct contact details for you by logging into your ACCEA account.
[h=2]Employer based awards[/h] Employer based awards are the responsibility of individual trusts and aren’t dependent on what is happening nationally. You should therefore contact your local trust to find out whether it intends to have a round of awards this year.