News story: A fairer deal for service accommodation

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The Combined Accommodation Assessment System (CAAS) will create a fairer, simpler and more balanced grading and charging system for accommodation.

The introduction of independent assessments will ensure that military families can have confidence that they are getting good value for money, no matter where they are based in the UK or overseas.

With over 40,000 service personnel living in military quarters full-time, the introduction of a more consistent, objective and easier to understand system is important to our military families. This will help to maintain low costs while improving the standard of their homes.

The Ministry of Defence is committed to ensuring that military families get the best possible value for money on their living accommodation, reinvesting any extra charges into improving existing properties and building new homes for service personnel.

In the last year alone, the MOD has spent £90 million on improving the quality of service families’ accommodation, and new energy efficiency measures for 8,000 homes will save personnel up to £500 per year in bills.

The new banding system will be introduced in April 2016, with the highest charge for each property type staying the same, but with fewer people paying it.

The CAAS ensures that any increase in rental costs will fairly reflect the big improvements that are being made to the condition of properties.

For the majority of personnel who do experience an increase in rent, the change will be very small and introduced gradually over a number of years to ensure a manageable transition.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

Our Armed Forces and their families make a tremendous contribution and sacrifice through their service and deserve the very best support.

Over 40,000 serving personnel live in military quarters so it is essential that their accommodation feels like home. That is why we have invested £90 million in the last year alone to improve the standard of properties.

These changes are part of a wider programme which will deliver faster maintenance and lower energy bills in good value for money accommodation that our people can be proud of.

The Combined Accommodation Assessment System explained

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The new CAAS has been welcomed by the armed forces families’ federations.

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