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Just a light user[apart from Rum Ration] but I do use the Tiscali news server for discussion groups on Golf,music,poker,boxing and a couple of others.
It's now closed down so I need a new server that has a reader that you can get into various groups and read them offline.
Opera has a limited range,Microsoft is just for their products and I can't find any others.
I may pay for one if it's not too expensive as I can live without it.
What do others use to get into all these groups?A Usenet search threw up a few paid ones but in the USA I'm loathe to send credit card payment over the net.If you can help,cheers

They make a $3.99 set up charge for their "free" account which limits your bandwidth. If you reach your daily limit they simply tell you to come back tomorrow, there are no hidden charges.

I signed up a few years ago and use the service occasionally, because I never reach my bandwidth they've now given me an unlimited account free of charge.
thanks for that mate,I'll get on to it.I'm not in a great Broadband area at the moment so I'm waiting for the Sky package to get here.
I'll check this out thanks again
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