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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by daffy1, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Question....
    Was watching Sky News last night and a news reporter was interviewing a High Ranking Taliban leader, and this got me and dad talking, why cant we put some sort of GPS system on the news reporters ? after all im sure they can hide it amonst the camera equipment, they come small enough nowadays, then once the news reporter leaves, send in a airstrike.
    I know the obvious reasons, such as proffession etc, but would it break any real laws ?? after all if its a hide out where they are storing weapons no doubt they will have to return. Even once the news reporter has left, aired the interview, at the very least we will have a grid reference on the hide out so we can get real time a real image of satellite photography which could be used for a air strike or capture the hideout.
    I know it cant be used all the time as it would put the reports at risk, but the end result would make every one happy and save Brisish and Americian Lives.

    What do you think ??
  2. They don't play by the rules, (press and Taliban), so why should we.
  3. Be honest, given the Taliban's record for treatment of suspected spies would you volunteer to carry the bug. :?:
  4. daffy1. The device you are proposing would emit a RF signal. RF signals can be received. fishhead asked a good question. Even if it didn't transmit in location but simply stored the grid ref to transmit later, would you be confident that the terr wasn't looking for hidden GPS? As I understand it, the receiver in a GPS emits a detectable and predictable RF IF. That brings us back to fishhead's question.
  5. It wouldn't get the media many interviews, would it?
  6. This media mullarky cracks me up. Can you imagine in the recent past, UK press being able to bimble off to have a chat and a nice cup of tea with Hitler?

    Or have I got this wrong?
  7. Christ on a fukking this where we find ourselves now?
  8. Maybe we ought to send out fake reporters then? with tracking devices built in the cameras or something
  9. Can we put your name forward. :?:
  10. Sure why not send in Chris Ryan, Blair Mayne, Andy Mcknab and Bear Grylls as your camera crew?

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