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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. I know a few readers here are from the picturesque Yorkshire market town of Rotherham so here's some news for us all:

    Lollipop Lady Gets Sexually Molested And Everything.


    A lollipop lady who was indecently assaulted as she helped children across a road said she was left "humiliated and frightened" by the attack.
    The mother of four was assaulted as she helped people cross a Rotherham street after school on 10 November.

    A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said two men crossed the road and as they passed the woman, one of them indecently assaulted her.

    The school crossing warden said she had left her job as a result of the attack.

    Speaking to BBC News Online, she said: "I didn't report it straight away. It was humiliating what they did, and frightening at the same time."

    The lollipop lady, who did not wish to be named, suffered minor injuries in the assault. She said she had spoken about her ordeal in a bid to help track down the offender.

    You would think you'd be safe, especially in broad daylight... it just shows you're not safe anywhere

    School crossing warden

    She said: "I felt very intimidated, and powerless to do anything about it.

    "I felt so insecure. It was broad daylight, the traffic had stopped on both sides.

    "But he did it so easily. If he thought it was so easy to do to me he could do that to anybody.

    "You would think you'd be safe, especially in broad daylight. It just shows you're not safe anywhere."

    The first man is described as white, scruffy, in his 30s, about 5ft 5in tall with a pock-marked face, stubble on his jaw and dark shadows under both eyes.

    He had brown hair and was wearing jeans and white trainers.

    The second man was described as white, also in his 30s, with a black eye, bruised and swollen lip and cuts to his face, as if he had been in a fight.

  2. You see this is what happens when you fail to integrate the muslim community. If they don't like it, then we should send them back.
  3. Are we going to see an increase in the number of old biddies volunteering for lollipop duties, in the hope that they will no longer have to go to grab a granny on a Friday night?
  4. I'm sorry you bigot ... I did not see anywhere in the report about muslins. Stop stoking the fires of racism, or you will be seeing christalnacht again and it will seem so normal as not to be horrific.
  5. She should have twatted them with her lollipop!

    Maybe not,she'd only get arrested for Assault and Battery!
  6. Seems like the 2nd one had tried it on somewhere else....
  7. rosinacarley, I think you missed sweeney's humour/intentions - a dig at the Daily Mail reading populace who like to blame everything on immigration.
  8. ha ha simon, I am holding my sides from laughing.

    it was sooo not funny.
  9. Yes, I suppose he was being rather Daily Mail-ist... :roll:
  10. try living in rotherham then. Its a laugh a minute.

    I just wanted to get in first before we get a big thread about yadda yadda Britain was better before and the navy was better before and isn't it terrible how the yewth of today are all slack jaws and its all the fault of muslims and nobody sits still during the 2 minutes silence and nobody has said thankyou to the fleet for keeping the humber estuary free from landmines...

    Its muslim as well Rosina, not muslin. Muslin is a type of cloth. Its used for polishing. It has an NSN. I don't think (although the S&S team maybe able to confirm) Muslims have an NSN.

    If you want to come round for a Crystal night though, thats okay. It sounds quite exciting! I will make sure the beer fridge is full.

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