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Discussion in 'International' started by RumCorps, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Female Sailors In Bikinis

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    It's a bit of a media beat up being that during the silly season there is not much news around.
  2. The interview everyone’s talking about!

    The February issue of RALPH isn’t out until Monday, but already it’s causing a media stir. Here’s a preview of the interview with Australian Navy Commander Tom Phillips.

    This is your Captain speaking
    Australian Navy Commander Tom Phillips drills RALPH on booze, birds and biff.
    If sex on a plane is the mile-high club, what’s it called when you root on a submarine?
    I call it the "going down club". But I’m not aware that there's ever been any sex on board. It’s not the most romantic place. But I could be really naive here, maybe crew have brought their partners on.

    What’s the deal with booze when you're on board?
    We can have a beer ration – two cans per day, per man. But most are pretty happy to go without. The job’s pretty intense as it is and I don't hear anyone particularly concerned that the boat's dry.

    If the female sailors all had to be hot and wear bikinis would that help with recruitment?
    It would certainly get the right demographic of young men in. I’m not sure how feasible it is, however.

    • For the rest of the controversial interview, check out the February issue of RALPH, on sale Monday.

    Would you join the Navy if their recruitment posters featured women in bikinis? :twisted:
  3. linky

    In the Sun now, works for me.

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