Newly qualified submariner swallows his Dolphins

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Re: New recruit swallows his Dolphins

    Had to check the date. I know the clocks have gone forward today but not the calendar, surely?
  2. Re: New recruit swallows his Dolphins

    Only silver dolphins I ever saw were USN issue... "the waterfront at Faslane" ?? Tis the WAIL, I suppose.
  3. As usual the Daily Wail has got it wrong (what a surprise)...Gold painted kissing kippers is the dress of the day, not silver as stated in a previous reply. I think this ritual comes from the states originally. I left the S/M service in 1972 and finally the Andrew in 1975, and that ritual was not in at that time - just a straight-forward pin on the chest by the skipper...must have just missed the fun....
  4. I remember an ongoing debate about whether the little clips should be left on the dolphin pins or not when drinking. One argument said that the clips could easily come off and get swallowed by themselves, but on the other hand, the sharp end of the pins could do real damage if the dolphins were swallowed.

    I wonder what the story was in this lads case?
  5. I know the fella that did this and am happy to report that he was up and about with no damage to himself with 48hrs and is now the subject of constant ribbing by his oppo's.
    As as for his shocked crew mates, it was more a case of P*&ssing themselves laughing when it was realised he wasn't chocking to death!
  6. Lol....which is why we switched to the work dress cloth type dolphins whilst doing these things..... :D
  7. Poor Stepto. I know he's keen but I never realised he was that keen! :razz:
  8. Stepto's still at MWS AFAIK...
  9. So he was just practising for that faithful day when he'll make the transition from a floating matelot to a submergable one. ;)
  10. At least it wasnt his oppo he swallowed!
  11. :lol:

    That's cuming later...
  12. Nope. Wasn't me making a fool of myself this time. Still at Collingrad.
    Hope they don't ban in though. Been rather looking forward to that little drink!
  13. They might have been cheesing as they knew they were a set of
    Re Issue dolphins.
  14. The RN trialed them in the 80`s. On No`s 8`s above the name tally . Still got 2 pair in with my stuff.
  15. Well I'm pissed off as I did not get a free drink with mine in 1984 :cry:
  16. We drank it all in 71!! Sprog!!
  17. When they were introduced we all very strongly suggested that woven ones should be the way to go, but Old Labour under H Wilson were just as mean with cash for the services so the cheap tin free with supemarket wheaties ones were the result

  18. The RN trialed them in the 80`s. On No`s 8`s above the name tally . Still got 2 pair in with my stuff.
  19. They wouldn't have been nice gold wire ones, some people bought them in the 70s but after a bit FOSM told every one to take them off.

    They did look a lot better than the tin ones.

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