Newly Passed Pilots, how was your time?

and how were the beer prices?

But seriously, are there any newly passed pilots just receiving their wings or about to who can give me an up to date insight into how they found the training pipeline? (yes i know everyone finds it all different) or if you are currently in training how are you finding it and what stage are you [email protected] :D

As a side if you are interested I am in preparation for my AIB in a 3/4 weeks hoping to go in as a pilot and cant seem to find an up to date experience of the current pipe line, mainly out of interest!

Much obliged,
As you can see new pilots don't have time to post on here, they are to busy out partying, swanning and trapping, may be @Pontius could help, if his memory is working, from to much partying.

Look at post 6921 crab pilots partying
That just means I must be joining the right branch then, who knew the perfect job could exist ;)

And re the kerfuffle, I had heard but rumors of said kerfuffle last time i was on here early last year.... :eek:

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