Newcastle United for sale, anyone fancy chipping in?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by SJRM_RN, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. I see that NUFC is for sale.

    There is already talk of a consortium being set up by Freddy Shepherd.

    Would this be good for the club?

    Would a consortium be more inclined to help out financially than say a Middle Eastern/Russian multi-millionaire?

    Discuss ...
  2. When freddy shepherd was chairman, Every toon fan wanted him out! Now he's out, Look where we are! Atleast when Freddy was in charge,we had 17 milllion to buy Michael Owen and were in the top 4
  3. Are you a schoolteacher, what's with this fcukin 'order' to discuss?
  4. I'll chip in a fiver for the Balck & White Shite
  5. £20 and a pickled egg!!!
  6. They are now on the way to following Leeds.
    They will get rid of all the good palyers and buy some crap and then go down, down, down.

    If they were to hang on to what they have, they would dick all and sundry in the Championship and the crowds would flock to see the next poor bugger take a 6-0 hammering and zoom straight back up.
  7. Real Madrid bid £73 million for Kaka, but would it have been easier if they had paid an extra £7 million and bought Newcastle united...that way they would have got a lot more kaka for their money!
  8. I'll give ya $5 Australian.....but ya can keep Viduka...erm he still with 'em?
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Would love to help, but I am too busy trying to raise the £3.71 I need to buy St. Mary's Stadium, because Pompey's new Chairman needs somewhere with long grass to graze his camels... :wink:
  10. Mike Ashleys biggest mistake was to give the fans exactly want they wanted, the"messiah".

    then Shearer. I still dont understand why everyone connected with the club still craves shearer as boss. He played 8 games, changed tactics 3 times per game, and only won one againsta side that finished below them.

    If they had stuck with big Sam they would never be in this mess.

    not that im complaining like.
  11. Top 4? You've not been top 4 material since you bottled the title to the Mancs. A few dabbles in the UEFA cup was barely top six time. Seeing whats happened to Citeh should give you hope though. Someone should see the potential in the club and think, for less than Ronaldo+Tevez you get a club with a weekly gate of 55,000+ that could easily be expanded to 72,000, and should be Champions league in a few years given the right manager and a bunch of wealthy owners. Will it happen? Well its going to take foresight, which is in short supply at most clubs.
  12. I might buy it myself! I have a spare £100 in my Golf Bag!! :lol:
  13. so many overrated players under one roof: duff smith coloccini nolan ameobi. is it really any wonder?? i agree with ships_cat though they are a club that given errr a whole new team and a decent manager, could be back in the premiership fairly quickly. until someone comes in and gives the club direction they are never going to achieve anything
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    50,000 regular fans all chip in £2000, then we buy the club - rename it Newcastle Bank and get the Government to lend up £3Bn!!!!

    Right, thats my business plan sorted who's got my first £2k??
  15. Hate that term too.

    What do they think we are pissing kids!!!! :evil:

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