Right, here's a refuge for all those who want to have a drip about the Newbies (bless) or ask a bone question.


Dear Rum Ration

My dad told me that in his day there was hot bunking in the Navy. Does this mean I'll have to share a bunk with a pair of lesbians?

Slim Junior (very excited)
Is there the possibility i might have to get naked in front of other boys with their bums out at bath time? I'd rather not let any of the bigger boys see my winkle in the showers.
sgtpepperband said:
Kinnell, Thing! Time of the month, is it? Me thinks you need to get yourself ashore and 'ditch your gash' somewhere... :oops: :wink:
Yes I'm coming up to the end of my monthly period.......

.....with a bottle. :biggrin:

I do enjoy the Newbies threads, but I notice they get slapped down too often and feel sorry for them. We need to give them a less hard time and make fun of them on this thread instead. :twisted:

Having said that.......
i is about to get to Rayly an I wus wundering if it wud be alright to take my gRAndads compaing chest of draws,

Or me Mums old goochi bag

Me secund step dad sez, I would be better takin a Morrisons carryer bag as most of thems in the Navy are Thievin cnuts

Can I's where my gold chain ad put me Id disks on it or will it be niked

I carnt swim yet will dey teech me proper

As I'm sure you're aware Thingy from your time at HMS Ganges and many years with the Fleet, the answer the Newbies would get if they asked some of their questions to a serving rating would be a lot harsher than those they get on, no hold on thats just not right somehow is it?
If they're daft enough to ask without reading/searching the Official RN/RM site and or the information they've already got from the AFCO they should be grateful to receive. :muhaha:
I'm afraid I tend to concur with NZB, if they don't like the replies they get on here, they're gonna f***in love the ones they actually get in the messdeck or a training establishment. Its all part of being wet behind the ears, you ask bone FQs, you get ripped to shit, you grow a thick skin and don't take it so personal or you go dripping to the Bish that the other boys and the Staff think you're a bit unbalanced and possibly without a clue or common dog. Older lads tend to zip it and hoist in the pearls of wisdom a bit better, the sprogs make complete arses of themselves but hopefully learn in the process, no-one holds it against them, its hard to grow up in public, more so in a messdeck or barracks.

As for the Ganges shite, give it a rest, my dad reckons it was a 'kin picnic compared to some places he was, no-one at Ganges beat him half to death with a belt and at least they fed him there.

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