Newbies with dyslexia

A number of RR newbies have thrown Dyslexia up as the reason their posts are 'mong'.

I used to work for a training provider offering apprenticeships to 16-24 year olds, at the initial assessment we had a good few through the 'I am dyslexic' excuse at us to explain poor scores on the tests. Now at one point the LSC threw some cash at us for helping sufferers of dyslexia, and part of this was getting them professionally assessed.

The strange thing was, out of the 10 we sent for assessment, none came back as being assessed as dyslexic (ONE report said that there was a very high chance that he WAS dyslexic, but they would not come right out and say he was)

For those who claim they are dyslexic, if you apply for any kind of government training, you will only be recorded as dyslexic if you have an appropriate assessment stating that you are.


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"Sold his soul to Father Christmas", that's not it. :?

"Deoxyribonucleic acid"...hmm, that's not it either. :oops:

It's on the tip of my tung... :twisted:
mikh said:
A number of RR newbies have thrown Dyslexia up as the reason their posts are 'mong'.
P!sses me off no end when people use it as an excuse, dyslexia is a pretty significant challenge but it is also something that can be mitigated for in various ways.

I'm dyslexic, didn't stop me doing pretty well academically and in the service, I'm now in a position where I'm earning more than I was likely to achieve by the end of my service, and far quicker than that would have happened anyway.

To me it typifies the attitude that responsibility is externalised as exemplified by many across the spectrum of society.


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At age 13 my son was diagnosed dyslexic. The letter from the dyslexic association was passed on to his new school when we moved to Wokingham, this was passed to his form teacher who put it in a drawer and ignored it, dyslexia did not exist in her mind. A year later my wife complained that he was not being given any help with his problem, this is when she found out about the letter being ignored. He was offered extra help and accepted it, unfortunately the teacher responsible for the help rarely turned up.
He has managed to overcome the problem, his oral English is excellent (always has been) but still has problems with written English. Thankfully he has been brought up in the computer get so that any letters or reports he has to write he checks thoroughly before sending.
He is in sales and his problem has not held him back, top salesman in his present company and top in his previous company.
Seems to be a badge of honour in this day and age. The problem with RR is that there isn't spell check so any mistakes stay put and are not corrected as they are when using other programs.

No excuse for some of the pork we get posting on here though. I hate people typing in text speak. Gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :threaten:
There is no excuse for bad spelling when on a PC.
Firefox has a built in dictionary (UK not US) available for free download. It does exactly the same as the one in word (for spelling), a red line under badly spelt words. If people are unsure about their spelling, then they should use Word and copy it into the reply box.
Grammar, to a certain extent, can be forgiven.

However, being far too lazy to care and then blaming a potentially crippling affliction is effing disgraceful (my youngest is/was "borderline" so we got no help).
In a way, the funny thing is that they bite the hand (so-to-speak). If these dullards get a bit of shoite off us for their spelling, they hit the roof and get abusive back (generally) but the thing is, they don't realise that they can't go through life, CERTAINLY not in our sphere, with such bad methods and attitude. But then again, they do like to blame others so perhaps its the frigging mobile phones companies fault ?


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Lamri said:
perhaps its the frigging mobile phones companies fault ?
Maybe so. The amount of text messages I've got from friends or family that I have to read three of four times before I understand it!! Worse than using numbers and stupid abbreviations is the lack of punctuation. I am far from perfect but I think my messages/posts are understandable, and I try to make a concious effort to make them so.

On a few occasions I have replied saying "Can I have that in English please?" or "Can I have a translation on that one" but rarely get a reply...

Perhaps worse though, is that I am supposed to understand and use it at 22. Drives me mad :threaten:

End Rant, checked in Word

The general standard of reading and writing skills is very low indeed. So low that the UK branch of our company can rarely justify hiring a local person; many of whom cannot even write a basic application letter.
Of the 30 odd people employed in our UK office 24 are citizens of other EU states. These people can all speak and write in at least one other european language aside from their own, some of them in three or more tongues.
Part of my retirement is teaching at three institutes of post secondary education along with being a per diem Crown Attorney in all things warlike. (secondary being high school) I teach at the Law School, the Mil College and at the Community College.

Now you would think that given the entrance criteria for each institution is quite high and that the competition is stiff for a seat in the programs that one would expect the brightest of the bright to be sitting in your classroom. You'd think, but the reality is these kids are average in their skill sets of comprehension, communication and critical analysis. Most have no clue how to write an academic paper and scream bloody blue murder if I assign readings with more than 10 pages (most law decisions from the higher courts usually are in the hundreds of pages so I get a lot of screaming).

Now the Mil Coll O/Cdts don't appear to use the excuses of a learning disability as much as the civilians kids. I get everything from "I have dyslexia" to "I have ADD HD OCD" or whatever the disorder of the month is at the moment. The policies for the schools are clear, all alledged learning disabilities must be comfirmed before any level of accommodation is granted.

Most kids who have made that claim are slotted in for testing (at the school's expense which annoys me to no end) and the results are packaged up in a tidy little report to the Faculty head and put on the kid's file. The thing is, most of the claims are unfounded and no evidence of any LD is apparent. I've had one kid in the last 2 years been found to have an LD in math comprehension. The rest of the claims are a result of the public (that would be grammar school level in the UK) school system having missed the boat on teaching kids language skills. In other words, these kids were never taught how to spell, write or put together a rounded argument.

An entire generation of kids have been taught the Whole Language method and it is an unmitigated failure. Kids can't spell, they can't use phonetics to look a word up, they aren't even aware that they have even made a spelling error because the premise of the program was not to correct them. Apparently just reading a word is supposed to be able to trigger that they need to spell it correctly.

By the time these kids got to high school, the flavour du jour of teachers was to claim LD for every kid that could not write a sentence. When dyslexia became passe here, the schools moved on to claiming kids were suffering from all sorts of attention disorders. It is sad to see 25 year olds still on the medications for ADD.

Along the same time as the brilliant language debacle, was the massive cut backs on education. Programs that allowed for imagination, and creativity were replaced with non-gender specific warm and fuzzy independant-learn-at-your-own-speed study classes. That meant kids needed little or no supervision, and class time which saved huge amounts of tax payer's coin. And... everyone was a winner in the end, no one failed.

Now I have the job to get these darlings their degrees and hope that by the time they graduate they have an idea how to think on their own. Bell curves are a given in post secondary education, kids get re-writes if they blow an exam, no one actually fails a course unless they really want to do so.

The whole LD, in my opinion is an overplayed hand. Just as the "I had a crappy childhood" excuse in the courts. We've raised a couple of generations to believe that they don't have to take responsibility for themselves that there will always be some pop psychology or LD du jour available for them to use.
trehorn said:
Seems to be a badge of honour in this day and age. The problem with RR is that there isn't spell check so any mistakes stay put and are not corrected as they are when using other programs.

No excuse for some of the pork we get posting on here though. I hate people typing in text speak. Gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :threaten:
I am really pleased that there is no spell-check or grammar-check. Those two tools simply mask inherent stupidity and poor education. I can understand the odd spelling mistake in the body of a message but when people are incapable of even spelling their own thread title correctly I am amazed. FFS - What sort of eedjit asks for advice on becoming a "Navel Airman"? When did "Of" become a synonym for "Have"? :pukel:



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Joey_Deacon said:
Nnnnnnnngh nnnnnnnnngh nnngh nnnghghgh nnnnngh nngh nnnnnnghhhh nnnnnnnghgh. Nnnnnngh nnnghghghgh nnnnnnnnngh.
Wrong again, JD. You had severe cerebral palsy, not dyslexia... :roll:

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