Newbies only! Subject Title Change: Old Duffers only!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stepto, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Right. I'm nearly in and have gone through the whole selection process.

    If you have any questions, ask me. Don't waste the time of all the old duffers on here, it just makes them grumpy!!!!

    Kind regards,

  2. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    As will this post no doubt!
  3. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Nevermind, they can take it!!!

    Just figure that I can answer a few of the questions that the old members get so upset about.
  4. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Didn`t know that it was wrong to grow old, lets hope that you live to a ripe old age. WAAH.
  5. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Do I have to bring my own ironing board?
  6. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Hi Hig.

    Well I'm 32 now so no spring chicken.

    Just trying to take the pressure off your inbox.
  7. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    No,but do tell your Man to bring his.I got Harmsworth to bring his when i joined Raleigh.
  8. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Jolly Good :)
  9. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    I look forward to you reporting back to us "Old Farts" the first time a 20 year old Killick kicks your butt.
  10. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Post topic - "Newbies only".

    Posts from Newbies - Nil.

    Posts from existing "older members" - Four.

    Just trying to do my bit guys.
  11. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Purely as a matter of interest, Stepto (e), how do you think you are going to cope with the age issue?

    No offence, like.
  12. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    None taken.

    Stepto(e) sic, is due to how my first name is spelt. Old nickname, too late to change it now.

    The whole age thing does concern me. I know I'm late to all this and should have done it years ago.

    I'm joining the submarine service, (pause for laughter), and hope that my age may be an asset. Other then that, fingers crossed really. Any advice or views would be great.
  13. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    I do hope you realise what you have taken on :thumright:
    Of course if the workload gets too much you can always ask Chicogiz to parachute in and assist you :w00t:
  14. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Thought I'd point them in Hig's direction.
  15. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    A fact of life in the forces, Stepto, is that shit travels downwards.

    The Skipper will have a bad day.

    The Wardroom will have a discussion. In fact there may well be interviews without coffee.

    The Jimmy will then want to talk to the the CPOs/ POs mess.


    The Joss will then ream the Killicks a new ********, complete with threats of reversion.

    You lot can then stand by, because you are at the bottom.

    At your age, you will be older than most of the CPOs, and may well start to take umbrage that you are thought no better than an 18 year old.

    Not that I'm trying to dissuade you, you understand. :)
  16. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    I just about understood some of that!

    I hope to take it on the chin. I'm not playing at this and hope to be in it for the long run.

    Thanks for the advice, really. Just hope I'm up to it.
  17. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Hey Stepto, I wish you luck - I'm 20 and going in as a Midshipman, so I'll have to be telling (well, asking really) the older CPOs to do things... they aint gonna like that at all...

    Im seeing A LOT of respect having to be built up on my part due to my actions rather my rank. Think youl have to do the same - show you can and will do what they say/ask without complaining, and they should realise your a good guy after a while.
  18. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Best of luck GPZ.

    Hope you get your Dolphins soon.

    Kind regards.
  19. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Stepto nearly in, so lets recap your vast experience...
    Got interested ina career with the RN.
    Went down the AFCO and had a chat.
    Had an Interview.
    Had a Medical.
    Did a smally run on a treadmill.
    Passed a psychometric test and an English Maths test.

    Well feck me I think all who've actually served have undergone similar experiences during their recruitment process, so perhaps the comments of the old and bold may have some relevance, even if it's just to take the pish.

    Although you failed as an Estate Agent, I see you still have the arrogance required for that 'Profession'
  20. Re: Newbies only!!!!

    Ouch! Will someone get that dagger for me!

    I have, and let me get this clear, no experience whatsoever of doing a single days graft in the Navy. I never claimed to.

    What I do have is a BIT of experience of going through the process of joining up which seems to be the number one topic of most posts by Newbies.

    All I was trying to do is help those who are going through the same.

    If my comments offend, grow a sense of humour. Thought you were a big boy now.

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