Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Graeme, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just found this site when searching for sites about submarines. I am in the process of joining up to become a CIS(SM). I have passed my RT, Medical and Fitness and i have my interview on Wednesday.

    Really good site, which has given me loads of information and given me a good insight to life in the RN.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Yes, they'll give you a hair cut, take a bag big enough to fit your cloths in and no, Christmas leave dates aren't up to you, you'll be told when to have a holiday.

    Apart from that welcome, obviously being a wanna be submariner any tips on hygiene or social graces on how to interact with people will be lost on you so, **** off smelly.

    P.s .... another smelly type person will be along shortly to give you a musty man hug. :)
  3. Welcome to Rum Ration, Graeme.

    If you look at this thread, you will see an excellent post (the second one, by Ninja Stoker), which gives a brief run down of what is included in the interview.

    Also check out the RN website section on boats:

    Submarines | Royal Navy

    and perhaps buy a copy of Navy News at W H Smith's this weekend for a browse.
  4. Thanks for the information. Ive already printed off that thread and have written down my answers to the questions. I also made up a sheet of various RN information, which i made up with information from the RN website.

    The interview sounds pretty straight forward so hopefully it all goes well for me.
  5. Welcome to the site, watch out for the booties and pongoes on here. They profess to be your mates but they're just grooming 'cos they can't trap.
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  6. Had my interview on Wednesday which went well without any issues atall.

    So now i am just waiting on my security clearance form being emailed out then i will get a start date for Raleigh once the SC form has been cleared :cheese:

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