Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dreamer1987, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Evening all,

    OK so walking through Leeds one day last month on the usual dailly grind, I decided that I had spent enough time looking online at navy careers and went into AFCO.

    I have my RT at Leeds on the 20th May & just wondered what happens from there, do I just do the test on that day and then await interview or would interview be on the same day?

    any tips/advice much appreciated!

  2. cheers for that, although I'll no doubt be up for a few hours now looking through!! oh well!

    cheers mate, massively appreciated
  3. Hey what do you want to go into? There are waiting times on the forum in the newbies section. Waiting time starts from passing rt. I've passed every thing, now waiting so I don't know anything really! But in the same boat as a lot of people just waiting.
  4. Hi dreamer goodluck with your chosen trade. I'm still waiting like the rest. Just study hard an train hard as it'll make it easier in the end.

    And welcome to RR.
  5. Yeah we are all waiting. Just stay positive and keep both your fitness, and your spirits up. Lost my job today but Im staying positive as one day Il reach the navy :)
  6. sorry to hear about that Scouse_Castaway, it will come sooner rather then later. i started my application in oct 08 and im of to Raleigh next week! it passes really quick!
  7. October 08!? Bloody hell thats a long wait. Sorry to hear about your job scouse, hopefully Raleigh will call soon.
  8. it has been a hell of a long time but trust me when that later drops on your door step it is the best feeling in the world !
  9. Was there a delay in your selection process at all because i didn't think the waiting times were that bad back then.
  10. well i had a shoulder op in june 08 so wasnt classed as med fit till june 09, i had my medical in april 09 then my PJFT was in august 09 and got my entry date in oct 09...
  11. Cheers all, I'm looking to join as a chef or steward (SM) so waiting times are slightly lower than ships but still looks like Im in for a long wait.... I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end :)

    thanks again
  12. the test is easier enough if you research the questions and practice. if i can pass it anyone can.
  13. Scouse Castaway

    I'm really sorry to hear about your job.
  14. Thanks Sol. Means alot. I'l get by though. Gonna spend a few weeks job hunting first as dont wanna become a Dole monkey. hehe

    Now then, off to Vote.
  15. Good attitude.

    You can have a hug and a kiss (sisterly!) to make you feel better.
  16. Hey, have you considered temp working? The market is still quite good for agency workers, might be worth a try as quite a few end up being turned into permanent positions. I know 'reed' are quite good, they tend to get things moving pretty quickly, and cover a range of industries. Alternatively, a lot of retailers tend to advertise jobs online now rather than in store, so whilst probably not your dream job- something to tide you over until the good Navy shaped job comes along!
  17. Good idea that Bee. Plus, retail is also a potentially good idea for me. The hours would fit alongside fitness training, rather than screw it up like wetherspoons (my now ex-employer) did. motivation dies hard after a 14hr shift ending at 3am lol
  18. Not suprised at that time in the morning! 8O I prefer working in retail rather than when I worked with food & drink, people are gross, haha! But maybe register with an agency, and meanwhile look at and other sites, then you have all bases covered. Good luck!
  19. Yeah I will do just that.

    Was gutting really. Had nearly 2 years of problem free time with the company.....then moved back north and transferred to a new spoons..........and it all went down like the titanic then lol. Hehe I'm always seemingly cursed when up north

    Loving the betting odds on the election

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