Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gingergorilla, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. hello all,

    firstly i would like to say thanks to everyone on here, i have been looking through the forums for a while and found loads of useful posts.

    However there is a couple of things i am not too sure about, i have passed my recruitment test, pre joining fitness test, medical and interview but was wondering how i find out if i have been cleared by the mod??

    Also when you go to raleigh are you in mixed groups or is it split up into branches?

    many thanks
  2. Hello

    Where? I've been on this site ages and all I can seem to find is stuff about scat and mong tigers.

    You should receive a call from the careers office with a joining date, Ninja Stoker or SuperMario will be along shortly to give you the correct answer.

    Mixed up.

    You're welcome.
  3. cheers for the super speedy reply :)

    i phoned up the carees office a couple of weeks back and they told me for the branch im going for the waiting list has gone up from 12months to 16 which is abit of a bugger but everyone else is in the same situation. would that mean ive been cleared if ive been put on the waiting list?
  4. It would appear so. Just a case of playing the waiting game now matey. You might get lucky and someone could drop out before you and you might get an earlier date. It happens occasionally.

    What branch you going for?
  5. I applied for AET around june last year so hopefully it wouldnt be too much longer. like you said tho, just the waiting game now.

    After phase 2 training can you choose what route you go? or do they put you where they need you??
  6. I wouldn't expect to hear anything regarding vetting unless there is a problem, are you expecting there to be a problem?
  7. nah, i just read a post earlier and it said they were waiting for clearance so i started to panic thinking i havent heard anything yet. should sail through the clearance then just have to keep my head down while playing the waiting game :D

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