Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Louisa_Wren, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Hey, dunno what to say really, im louisa, just turned 21 and decided that im going to apply to the navy soon. Not been able to get a job recently so went back to college in September but its not for me!

    Dont know much about what i want to be really. My friends in the navy but hes been transfered from portsmouth so i hasnt been home much for me to talk to him about it really. Any advise would REALLY help.


    Mwah x
  2. Do research on the Navy website, get loads...... People on here are very helpful.

    Listening to the advice given.
  3. Thanks Bartman!

    I have a question, but its kinda a lady thing tbh. Medical stuff. :oops:

    Where do i post to ask it?

    Louisa x
  4. Diamond Lils :wink:

    (welcome, although I suspect you are a more advanced version of the other 10th February members, 'now comes with photo')
  5. Try Diamond lil or On here, depends on how private you mean :oops:
  6. Louisa, I'm female. PM if you want
  7. Thanks RadioScilence.

    Lonestar i dont understand what you mean :S

    Im gunna go peek me head in there, thank you for all been so inviting, nice to know there are some fellow ladies on here that i can talk to soon. Was a bit nervous that id get picked on or something hehe. x
  8. Hey Louisa, welcome!

    Yeah Diamond Lil's is best for sensitive medical problems - the more detail you can provide the better :)

    Good luck!
  9. If you want Medical advice which you don't mind sharing then use the health and fitness forum.

    Our resident Naval MO Mr Angrydoc is qualified to answer your questions. If it's a private matter then PM him Angrydoc

    Hope that helps

    Welcome to RR

    Enjoy the banter and grooming :D
  10. Hello Louisa,

    Most RRers could provide an underwater fitting inspection report (at no cost) :wink: but there is actually a Health and Fitness forum here:

    The Moderator of that is one Angrydoc, who might answer a discrete Private Message medical inquiry from you.

    Always remember that this is an unofficial site - but there are AFCOS who give genuine advice, too.

    There is also one particular Lady member, PR type, who would also be approachable for a Private Message from you; Soliel.

    Trawl the whole site - Many questions re-appear so use the Search facilty, too.


    Edited to Add: If temptation/curiousity draws you to Diamond Lils. be sure to read the Warning first. Few leave that area unscathed :evil:

    Edited again After she/he was outed. Best Walt Piccy for ages thanks for that bait. Exits - Scathed :oops:
  11. Its nothing huge. Ive had a 'lady op' and just needed to know if it was still ok for me to join up and also, how long i should leave it till my stregnth is up. Im gunna go to health& fitness section and ask now :) Thanks x
  12. So you used to be a bloke? How did the op go? got any pics?
  13. Off to the fitness forum i go.
  14. Nope ive always been a lady! Bit of a tomboy but thats down to the two brothers!

  15. Oh there is plenty of that, that goes on in here :evil:
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    Details removed to protected the identity of our new green-fingered bisexual friends...
  17. I'd say 30E is pretty huge :wink:
  18. Hehehe welldone sgt pepper, you deserve another meddle for that!!!

    go on, how did u guess? x
  19. Yes loanstar, theyre bit too big tbh! Id be no good on a ship other than for airbags!
  20. nice airbags then :twisted:

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