Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joe_145, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. alright boys and new on here so thought id say currently a full time tarmacer but have been wanting to join the navy for a long time and i am currently seriously considering signing a little worried about my age...24..25 in february is there many peaople of simialr age who sign up or have i left it a bit too late?? im also concerned that i would struggle with the fitnes side of things

  2. Mate, I'm 26 in September, on the day my initial training starts. If your out of shape then it's a bitch to get through the first few weeks of a fitness programme. Stick with it and by week 3/4 you'll start to see yourself getting fitter and it will get easier. Go see your local armed forces carreers office, they will give you all the info. There are people much older that yourself who are joining too.
  3. Hello Joe,what branch are you thinking off,
  4. cheers norther...

    i am sort of unsure what branch i would like to join, im full off indecision, i was quite intrested in the aircraft handler role, but also the submariner side of things seems fairly intresting. Is it hard being away from home/family/missus whilst on long deployments or do you tend just to get on with it?
  5. I'm going in in Oct as CIS and i'm 26 :oops: in January
  6. cheers becky_w_84 making me feel younger i just had the feeling that i would end up in raleigh with hundreds of 16 year
  7. Chat to your AFCO, they will be able to talk you through what each role would entail, tell them what you're good at and what you enjoy and they'll advise you. The RN website is good for a bit of insight into what's involved in various careers.
  8. Just saying hello, I'm 21, from the North East, am looking into joining the Navy, possibly as an AET. I'm going back to college for a year first though, so I'm just taking this opportunity to learn a little more before i dive in head first :lol:
  9. yeh to be fair mate the RN website is fairly informative...would any of you say that the level fitness you need is immense??
  10. I just though i would say hi, i am 20 and currently going the the recruitment process for a CIS(SM). I think if you follow the fitness programme on the RN website you should be well prepared for the training, thats what i am trying to do.
  11. It's not don't have to be olympic athletes. The fitter you are, the better - if you can pass the tests [with a bit to spare - don't want to be dying and only just inside the limits], then you'll be fine, fitness requirements are on the RN website if you don't know 'em already.
  12. Joe,things have changed a lot since i was in the RN,but just to let you know what it used to be like,i was married on the Saturday and two weeks later i was on my way to the far east for nine months,on returning from that deployment i had three weeks leave and then was sent down to Guz for eight months ( wife lived in Hull ) and then another eight month west Indies deployment,think very hard if your a home bird cos you might have to do a lot of time from home,good luck

    Ps We just accepted the seperation,
  13. Hey there, I'm 32 and I'm going through the whole joining thing. I've been put in as an MA, i wanted to be an aircraft but on my test I must have scored high as they asked if I would mind becoming an MA, no worries !! Bring on the oldies, honestly no offence to the young guys and girls on here but sometimes the older you are the more life experience you have.

    Good luck
  14. Exactly how would you have managed to become an aircraft,? :) hope you have bloody big chest muscles cos ya gonna need em for take off :lol:
  15. I just turned 27 a few weeks ago, and I'm starting at Raleigh beginning of Jan, as ET(WESM)
  16. I am 50 in April and i am going to Raleigh in January.

    I just like looking at the lovely uniforms :D :D
  17. I meant to say aircraft handler !!
  18. Well dont forget in the future nozz or you will be on 0600 kit muster,got it get it good, :viking:
  19. YOU should be ''Shaved, shampooed, sorted out and shot'' :D
  20. Gawd, it's sooooo depressing reading this. I realise I must be old as I'm old enough to be most of you noobies' dad.... well not Anglichanin... :oops:

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