Hi Ladies and Gents,

Been reading these forums for about a week now and digesting all the info. I've got my psychometric test a week on Monday and after following useful links here on the forum and using a practise book I purchased I'm confident it should be just a mere formality.

A quick question - I'm 27 by no means the oldest to apply, however im wondering if there are many older applicants that the likes of Ninja see in the AFCO.
If I get to Raleigh I'am expecting to be one of the older recruits and while I have no issue with this do you find there are many older applicants?

Thanks to everyone by the way, Ive found these forums a treasure trove of information to prepare myself with.



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Hi Jinn, I wouldn't worry about age too much, yes there will be younger people at Raleigh, but there are also older applicants as well. I am in the process of Re-joining and I am 30.

Good luck with your tests mate

WN :thumright:


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Jinn, if you look into the Newbies forum there is already a thread on this very theme. It can only be 3 or 4 months old at most.
I've got my psychometric test a week on Monday

What the hell is that :w00t:

What happened to go in get a nuts groped by an elderly doctor, cough and sign the dotted line :thumright:
Ah bollocks I was hoping to avoid becoming one of the numpties who dont search the forums and ask the same repeated question. Found the thread in question, must have been blind when I looked for it initially, my apologies.

Bisley - if only it was that simple :(
Don't worry there'll be a right mix of ages joining with you.

Last month we put a 36 year old woman in, who's joining the RN for the first time.

Hope everything goes well.


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Hi there.
I'm 32 now and just done my test.
Not rocket science to be fair.
Just get on with it, you have to be quick to get through the questions and you have no idea how long you have left. (wearing a watch may be a good idea, I didn't!!!)


I'm 26 and at Raleigh in Oct. Whilst it isn't the norm there appear to be a few older folks knocking about.

Good luck.


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On older git then me.
Hope to see you down there, I'll be the one with the Zimmer Frame and piss bag!
Stepto said:
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
:tp: :tp: :tp: not sweat it, the older guys usually get stuck in from the get go and enjoy all the shit that Raleigh throws at you.
As has been said before, Raleigh is not the real mob and the 9 weeks will fly by, good luck. :thumright:
Stepto said:
On older git then me.
Hope to see you down there, I'll be the one with the Zimmer Frame and piss bag!
I hope also to see you down there mate. I have not done anything yet except hand in my application. The CPO at my AFCO says my Army docs have been received and a request to proceed was sent to HQ. We both await their response.

Sitting on my hands is driving me nuts. I have nothing else to do but wait.

My brother in law let the family down and joined the RAF at 30 (No backbone and loitered around airports as a child to watch planes take off and land!). However his attitude was to get stuck in and enjoy the shite. He became class leader and won many girly swot top of the class prizes. So actually being older brings experience which you will easily transfer to the services... Good luck sprog


going down to raleigh in November, just turned 27.... feel better for it I would rather be going down now than when i was 17...

Dont worry :)
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