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Special or PCSO?

Leave him alone Janner he wants to be a Grunter RN not Plod.

D 2201

Welcome to the site, if you search thru the newbies section you will find\ extensive answers on Warfare Branch, Admiralty Interview Boards(AIB), Fitness (RNFT), Britannia Royal Naval College known here after as BRNC. They use lots of initials.

Ignore anyone who has a go about your spelling or grammar. Just tell them to feck off. Please avoid use of text speak. i.e 4 instead of for etc. it is so annoying

Beware of silly old bastards like me and Janner.


Confused - My grammar was fine, and I didn't use text talk, or am I going mad? Was that aimed at me that comment? (Getting use to using a forum)

Ah! the signs of youth when everything is seen as a criticism, not showing respect or trying to get at them, why cos parents and teachers do not criticize, tell people they are wrong or to generally feck off and grow up cos it will stunt the little darlings growth.


If I was going to have a go at you I could do much better after 12 years with Pusser (Royal Navy) and many years with Plod, do not be so tender its called Banter.

davies2201 said:
Well, newbie suits me quite well and I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Adam, I am a University student studying Forensic Biology. I have applied to be a Warfare Officer (Not sure how competitive this area is?). I won't give you my life story, you can ask if you are that interested :p

Just registered to meet and hopefully get some information/tips/advice from the people who really know.

I am not from a military family, currently working as a part-time police officer to gain as much experience as I can along with many other ventures of mine.

I am particularly worried about the physical side of things. No way am I unfit....I just have images of my stomach erupting and me coughing up my boots!

Firstly any officers on here? or even better somebody from the Warfare department? (Do you call them departments? )

Worried about the physical side, well the fitness tests you will be required to pass are, an Multi-Stage Fitness Assessment at AIB, a bleep test, and so long as you score something above 8.5 I believe it is (which is not a high score at all!) you have met the MINIMUM standard, although Max-out for extra points.

The next main hurdle, is actually on arrival at BRNC, within the first week you will do a 2.4km run, which needs to be acheived in less than 11mins 13 secs for males under 23. As well as a Swim Test, swim 55m in overalls, tread water for three minutes then get out of the pool unaided. And finally a battery of sprints, press ups and sit ups.

However they are the minimum for the tests, what is quite worrying myself, as I start on Monday as a Warfare YO(!), is the running up and down the Sandquay steps, and Cardiac Hill.

Is it competitive, well yes, all places and all branches are very competitive as it is a shrinking Navy, there are fewer places to go around, so read up on the AIB Advice thread. Any questions on the AIB post them in that thread, some members of RumRation get stroppy when Newbies post questions in the Newbies forum about what they see as a trivial matter! Especially if it is from a possible future officer!


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Nutty said:
...PCSO = Cheap Labour that cannot Labour has no powers or responsibilities and is very unpopular with Plod/Ex Plod...

Not necessarily. Don't tar all PCSOs or cops with the same brush. The attitude towards PCSOs varies from station to station, and the quality of PCSO can vary according to the individual.

If the public judged every matelot from what they see on "Warship" then that wouldn't be fair or true, would it?


No no, I was just confused. I hate text talk and bad grammar too, I had to re-read my post to make sure I wasn't starting to slack myself!

I will watch out for the grammar police though :dwarf:

I am all up for a good bit of banter - just don't corrupt us young ones :p