Arite lads and ladies?

Firstly I would like to say what a great forum this is, i have already read through a ton of threads and I have found a mass of information

I'm currently 19 (20 in Febuary), and I am in my second year of a BA in history at university, I have been considering a career in the marines since i was sixteen, but wanted to get some qualifications incase it was not for me. I have 10 GCSE'S and 320 ucas points from my a-levels. I'm 5 foot 9 inches and weigh 13 and a half stone, might sound like im a bit of a porker but i'm actually only 9% bodyfat, i love working out, i kick-box and love fitness training and dieting.

However it is my ambition to become a comissioned officer, and I am concerned that although i have a confident and leadership style personality, a good degree of all round intelligence and fitness, i lack actual examples of leadership and teamwork qualities, which of course is a big problem with something as competitive as becoming a officer. Probaly because i sustained two nasty injuries when i was 14 and 16 (broken collerbone by a prop jumping on me, then i got up and got thrown the ball and smashed by two centers which did futher damage and i went into a state of shock, second injury i broke the top part of my knee, which at first i thought wasnt that bad and i ended up walking around on it for a week before being in a full leg cast for 4 months, doctor said (my dpc was JPR which was cool) he had never seen anyone walk on a brake like that). Since then i took up more individual ways to keep up my passion for fitness (weight training and kick-boxing)

Although, I intend to have laser eye surgery next year when I am 21, and as i have discovered you need to be free of any eye surgery for 1 year before sitting the medical. On top of that I have plans to go traveling with the mrs before she goes off to med school. So I have pleanty of time to improve my leadership and teamworking skills. My question is what would be the best way to improve theese skills and gain experience I can talk about at the AIB, I am thinking something like the Duke Of Edinborough Award and joining the university hiking and mountaineering clubs in my final year.

Also any pointers you guys can give me about fully preparing myself to get the best possible marks on the AIB and just things you wish you had done 2 - 3 years before you joined the Royal Marines would be greatly appricated. Thanks alot fella's and sorry if this put you to sleep or was to formal, I just like to make a good first impression :thumright:


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I suggest you join the staff of one of the "Adventure" holiday companies that cater for kids. You will get lots of time leading them and standing up in front of groups giving talks - very good experience and will stand you in good stead. My son worked for PGL before joining (FAA Pilot) and he never regretted it - they pay you as well!!

Good luck.
Hi Ben

Don't want to sound patronising but have you consider all the possible things that would considered leadership or team work?

Responsible tasks in jobs you've done?
Leadership within sports you've played?
Things you've organised at uni with the students union?
Mates birthday parties?
Trips with your mates?
Organsing something in school?

It make may you think hard but you should have done something mentioned above and its all valid examples that the board want to here.
So long as you explain it well in your interview stressing what the leadership parts were you'll score good marks in the interview.

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