Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by A_J_just_A_J, May 22, 2006.

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  1. I'm not sure where to stick this cos I couldn't find the Newbie forum so I'm bunging it in here.
    Hi Folks!
    My (virtual) round, what's everyone having? :D
    A J

    the colour for the text didn't work, is it broken :?:
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  2. Welcome to the site, AJ.

    It's a bit quiet around here at the mo, bu things'll pick up soon :)
  3. Welcome on board AJ. Happy to have you as a shipmate.
  4. Welcome - living or just working in Yorkshire? Lovely part of the world.
  5. I am a Newbie.
  6. Well done!
  7. Hey and welcome!!! Don't be affraid to ask anything, we don't bite......... :wink:
  8. do you wear thomgs jenny ? :D :D :D

    just testing to see if you do bite :twisted:
  9. Look gullable up in the dictionary and tell me :wink:
  10. What's a thomg?
  11. smartass :oops:
  12. No its an ASS-SMARTER
  13. This is my very first contribution on here. I'm not really contributing anything just wanna see how this works!
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It looks like you ask Jenny a question, then she doesn't answer it, simple isn't it :roll:
  15. Because I refuse to bite about thongs :wink:
  16. Permission to come aboard. Born Glasgow, joined the MOB when they were needing them not feeding them. Served North and South Atlantic convoy escort. Joined the other boys in blue on demob and did my 30 in Greater Manchester where only the sparrows cough. Support the best football team in the world but for the time being shall remain nameless. Shipped out to the Land of the Maple Leaf in 1981 and now live in Ontario. Canada has always come to the aid of the mother country in times of peril. In 1939 for example she had a fleet of six river class destroyers. That was it. By the end of that conflict she was the third largest navy in the world. One of the greatest fighting destroyers of WW11 was the Tribal class HMCS Haida. She had a great fighting record with the 10th Destroyer Flotilla out of Plymouth and did equal work in the Korean conflict. Toronto purchased her and she was a great tourist attraction. I have been aboard her so many times I should qualify for a Canadian Naval Pension. She has now been moved to Hamilton as she requires plenty of money being spent on her to keep afloat. Now where shall I hang me mick?
  17. Thongs - dental floss for bums?
  18. Newbie here, my round what you all having - rum`s up :lol:

  19. Like your signature , :roll: :lol:
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  20. I aim to please :lol:

    Ex-RN here 1970-1978
    892 Squadron + The Big-A R09, she was a real carrier...


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