War Hero
I saw Donovan once when we were back 'home'. He was playing live...... on Buchanan Street in Glasgow - cutting below.

I saw a massive crowd and obviously went to see who was lying bleeding, it being Glasgow! Only to see this old bloke - I had to ask who it was!

A TEENAGE busker was stunned when legendary Scots singer Donovan started jamming with him in the street. Murdo Mitchell, 15, was belting out the star's hit Colours when the man himself appeared. Donovan, 67, then struck up his guitar and played two songs with the teenager.
Jul 3, 2013
Doc on recently about him going back to India which he visited with the Beatles in the Marharishi era , all was going well on the first visit until a young girl accused the guru of molesting her , that was it , first Lennon did a bunk and the rest soon followed. The complex was pretty much still intact , needing a coat of looking at here and there but much as Don remembered it.