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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by adam chivers, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. hi complete newbie here, dont really know much about whats what and whos who, but was just wondering if anybody could answer some questions i have?

    Firstly, im looking at becoming a pilot in the FAA, but i heard that the RN are not taking any pilots on at the moment? is that true? if so when will they start taking them on again and does this mean i cannot even apply for that position?

    secondly what is the minimum eyesight/medical requirements to be a pilot in the FAA? because i heard its not as strict as it is in the RAF?

    Finally, if i do manage to get to the selection part of things, what should i expect? i.e what sort of things to the FAT's consist of? And what would pilots have to get to do well in the FAT's?

    thanks for reading and sorry to be such a bore.
    Cheers, Adam.
  2. Welcome Adam to RR.

    Two things. The search facility on here is good and will help answer most if not all of your question.

    Secondly. This is an unofficial navy web site and to get pukka gen info I suggest you go direct to an AFCO and get first hand knowledge from the guys who have the information you require.

    Please use the search facility, your not the first nor will you be the last to want these questions answered.
  3. cheers waspie!
  4. I hope you haven't used your real name. That would make you epically stupid.
  5. well you clearly did. :)
  6. Nice one youngen, wjth repartee like that you will do OK:pr:
  7. thanks slim ;)

    but on a more serious note i cant find any info on when the RN will be taking on pilots again, all i can find is info on when the Eurofighter
    will come into service (2020) so any feedback on when would be ideal.
  8. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Erm - the geek at the back would like to inform Mr Chivers that we already have Typhoon Eurofighters (RAF) and that the new FAA fixed wing aircraft are called the Joint Strike Fighter/Joint Combat Aircraft/F-35c Lightening (CATOBAR variety, as opposed to STOVL).

    I shall retreat to my geekdom once more. :glasses9:
  9. Sorry i meant the JSF.. dont ask why i said eurofighter.
  10. LOL gotcha you spanner...
  11. Not sure where you heard our medical standards are different to the RAF. You were told duff info. Aircrew need to be pretty squeaky clean, medically speaking.
  12. :angel7: At the moment, the RN have met the recruitment requirement for Pilots in 2011. Therefore, there will be no more places for the commencement of Officer (Pilot) training at BRNC Dartmouth in 2011. However, recruiting has not stopped and applications for FATS and AIB are still progressing. If a candidate was to pass both FATS and AIB as a Pilot they would be offered a place in a different specialisation (Observer, ATC, Warfare) or placed in a holding pool waiting for confirmation of pilot training numbers for 2012. Ps You will not fly a fixed wing aircraft from a carrier for some 10 years hence!!! if at all!! :cry::cry:
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Aircrew are still being processed for entry into the Royal Navy, however no pilot entries are anticipated before May 2012 at the earliest & there are plenty of applicants already in the pipeline at present.

    For fixed-wing pilots, given that we aren't expecting any frontline fast jets for several years, it will logically be a few years before we start training any.

    Eyesight standards are the same as RAF as indeed are all other medical and age related criteria.

    Best of luck.
  14. Would try to give you some info but think you had all the help you need. As you have been told the best place for true and up to date information is your nearest Careers office.

  15. Not true me old china. The eyesight requirements are the same for initial entry aircrew in the Senior Service and the Crabs. Once they've spent lots of money on you then they don't mind if it gets a bit worse (we had a couple of guys on the SHAR with cheaters) but, obviously, there are still limits and they're not going to allow milk bottle bottoms for glasses.

    I can't answer your question regarding FAA pilot requirements but I'm sure the knowledgeable sages, such as Ninja and his ilk, will have an idea. As Waspie suggested, use the search function for your other queries but it might be better to slide over to Newbies and search there first.
  16. I would like to apologise for my numposity in posting the above reply. In a mistake only made by the most dull, I didn't notice there were 2 pages and only got to the end of page 1 before gobbing off. My only saving grace is that I said the same stuff as Angry Doc and knew the reliable chasps from the AFCO would steer you straight (ahaar and all that nautical stuff).

    I'm off to hang my head in shame!
  17. Clever, clever. Still, you have used your real name by the looks of it, and that really does make you a naive and PERSEC unaware dullard. A search of the name Adam Chivers on Facebook provides so many pictures of wet-lipped retards that I'll have a job working our which one is you.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Looking on the bright side with regard visual perception, doubtless the residents of Tripolli will be pleased to learn your Harrier bomb-dropping days are over :toothy3:
  19. See if any of them have glasses on.
  20. haha.. dont worry, if i search **** on facebook, your the only person that pops up so i wont need to bother with all that working out whos who.

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