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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RGrange, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi, im Rob been looking into joining the Royal Navy for a while and have passed all the tests, PJFT, RT etc.

    I'm now just waiting for a date for HMS Raleigh.

    I have applied as an Air Engineering Technician and was hoping to get some infomation off anyone currently serving or anyone in the know.

    My question is, which aircraft is likely to give me the most sea time?

    Or if there is anyone on here currently serving who can give me an insight into the aircraft they currently work on it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Rob.
  2. Not very likely on Fixed wing, more likely on rotary wing :cry: :cry:
  3. Ok glad were out the way with the witty remarks, i guess they were inevitable.

    Anyone with the answer im looking for?

    I'm definately going to go rotary if i am able to.

  4. Dont bank on being done with witty remarks matey,just give us time,
  5. You could think about ME.
  6. Ok thats a percentage of the witty remarks done, lets get closer to the answer ;)
  7. Why, what have you done?
  8. He could think of ME for sea time. If he really wants sea time why not be ME. :)
  9. Who the fcuk would want to be you? He could think of you, you'll have Thingy after you for trying to poach his noobs
  10. are there a lot of people that wanna join as AET's?? coz thats what i want to do! x
  11. Yeah i believe there is quite a few at the moment, just look at the "when you going to raleigh" thread.
    It was a shortage branch i believe and a recruitment drive on it filled the numbers up?
    dont hold that as gospel :)
  12. Small ships flights, either Lynx or Mk1 Merlin.
  13. Well i was thinking Merlin so i guess ill stick with that, no doubt ill learn more about each aircrafts advantages and disadvantages throughout phase 2.

    Incidentally doe's anybody know when you "choose" and i use that loosely which aircraft you work on?

    Sorry for all the questions, thanks again Rob.
  14. I don't think you're far wrong, because when I applied back in March they had AET plastered all over the website, which initially got my interest I'll admit, though I did look around and decide this was a role with good prospects. I even mentioned it to the AFCOs, and one of them stated how they will need more AETs in the next few years to fill the two new Queen Elizabeth class, though I don't believe there are many new aircraft being produced to fill these ships, rather them being taken off of land to be used, I don't know :).
    Anway, OP, my name is also Rob, and I've also applied for AET, am off on October 25th. There is a pleasant, knowledgeable old... no, no, a young lady who has reliably informed me of the following: :wink:
  15. AET is suppose to be a hard trade to pass out, so ive heard. So you could all think about becoming a chef, ive heard no one passes that either, but you could still pass out. Im a noob, so i dont understand the chef bit yet lmao.
  16. :roll: :roll: All will become clearer Chic when you have your first cooked pussers meal???
  17. Ive had meals with the navy, but were all cooked by civvy's. Like at HMS Collingwood, there all civvy chefs.
  18. Wont be onboard OPPO :roll: The true test :oops:
  19. is it honestly really difficult??? i dont have much engineering experience...well like barely any but am eager to learn.
  20. Depends on you and your motivation and commitment. My boy joined as an AEM (now AET) with little or no knowledge but got stuck in, stayed out of the bar and did it OK

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