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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SolmaN, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Couple of quick questions,

    Want to join navy as a Seaman, what kind of timescale am i looking at before i start at HMS Raleigh?

    What is life going to be like for a 16 year old lad?

    Are people seperated like do you get your older ones sticking together and your younger ones sticking together or does everyone mix and help each other out?

    Can you give me any advice for the interview?



  2. Yes Go to the recruiting Office and speak to them, or trawl through all the newbie sections on here, the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.
  3. yer i got the presentation at the AFCO in preston on wednesday,

    Hope it goes well....

    my mums got to be convinced as well :S
  4. soloman talk to nija stoker he will give you the best Advice,my career started at Preston train Station best move made i my life
    best of luck
  5. Hey mate when you planning on joining?
  6. You will be allright I was 20 when i joined.Yes there was 16 year olds.No bullying.You will all have to work together as a team or fail Bye the way i started it all off in Preston.
  7. As for the interview Do not bullshit tell the truth.As for timescale cannot help.
  8. I think seaman specialist is a 10 month waiting list now.
  9. Interview aint that bad, i passed it a few weeks ago and all you have to do is be confident but not cockey and as a few others are saying dont bullshit. You raised a good question about the age thing, me being 16 my self its got me thinking.
  10. Whats to thnk about.As longas you are confident.....Not tied to mummys apron strings and can stand up for your self go for it .It will make you.
  11. Tell her to **** off. My cousen seems to be having this same problem with his mother. Ive told her to **** off but he wont. And she dosent listen to me.
  12. My mam can't wait to get rid of me!
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It would probably be more prudent to get your Mother on your side rather than push her away. If you're under 18 and living with her, she signs the parental consent form. No form, no join.

    There is a booklet available from your AFCO called Thinking About Their Future it's very useful & answers a lot of doubts & worries that parents may understandably have. Any parent is encouraged to either ring your Careers Adviser or visit the AFCO to discuss any reservations they may have. When you're in training you need your parents moral support or you will find it extremely difficult to adjust - don't leave them out in the cold- involve them & they will be the proudest parent on the planet when they see you at your passing out parade at Raleigh.

    Edited to add link.
  14. hmm 10 months seems a long gona apply nxt wednesday

    Im not pushing her away its just shes worried bout after 4 what im gona do..she dont want me getin plastered every night and like if young ones are watched....stupid questions she wants to know....

    I cant wait till i get in....if i do haha but i think itll be a good experience
  15. Join up as a seaman submariner (I'll give you a bounty card and claim my grand), it'll also give you a £5k bonus IIRC straight off. Waiting list is shorter, job is interesting, plus submarine pay. You'll be looked after by the submarine world and your mum need not worry.
  16. Well im joining at 16... will be 17 by the time I get in.
    When I first went to afco last June when I finaly turned 15 and 9months...
    This woman pushed me away saying as a girl i should join at 16.
    I was not impressed and so my dad made me live out the rest of my days in college untill around 17.

    SolmaN: as for the young ones being watched, you cant wipe your arse without your mums signature!
  17. they arent mY worries for gods not askin for someone to wipe ma arse...shes just too protective and i cant help that....
  18. Lol... im not saying they are.
    And I didnt literaly mean someone would wipe your arse obv! But no doubt it could be arranged.
  19. Thats very understandable Soloman , take Ninjas advice
  20. Hi,

    I joined HMS Raleigh at 16 years old in April 07. In my opinion the age doesn't normally restrict you in many ways. However, i've been in 8 months and i'm on my second ship already, this being due to my age as i was not allowed to go to Western Africa as an U-18. I've found you get treated equally like you should expect anyway. However, the bed checks are a pain and the time restrictions regarding leave etc. But it's only as the Navy has a duty of care to give your parents the piece of mind that you are in safe hands, hehe.

    As far as the waiting is concerned it varys depending on your branch decision. It took me about 10 months to go through the application process to eventually join HMS Raleigh. It's worth the wait nonetheless if that is what you want to do, i'm sure you will keep yourself busy, preparing for Raleigh etc.


    Joe.G =)

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