Newbie: Upset: O/H gone away today.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Vardy, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick hello to introduce myself properly as Amy. Student Nurse from Yorkshire. My O/H of half a year is a deck officer and has gone away today until Sept/October....not really sure. I posted on Rear Party first someone pointed me in this direction again so I thought Id say hello properly.

    Amy x
  2. Hi Amy and Welcome.
    Hope you are ok, it is never easy when the OH goes away ( I do know exactly how you feel). Just keep busy and time will fly!
    Laura x
  3. Thanks Laura, Ill do my best.

    Amy x
  4. I have sent you a PM Amy.
  5. Hi Amy welcome to the site.
    My wife was a student nurse when we met -she qualified about the same time as me - I was doing engineering .

    You shouldn't have any bother doing the home alone thing-- the NHS should keep you busy :lol: Time passes fairly quickly aswell once you get past the first few weeks on your own .

  6. Hi Amy,

    my other half did over 23 years in the Navy - with many long periods away. When you look ahead, their return date seems so far away that you really think that you will never cope - but you do. Set short markers, like a night out or Uni work, this will hopefully help you to focus on shorter time periods and will also hopefully make the time go quicker. Write letters as well as emails as some times it's nice to have them to look back on - I still look at some of the letters I received.

    Try to think back to past events and you will see that they are still fresh in your mind and the time that has passed has gone quickly - this realisation will also happen at the end of his deployment.

    Hope you enjoy the site :eek:).
  7. Thank you so much....Im sure it will get easier after a week or two. Fingers Crossed. Im just reminding myself I have an exam in June which I need to pass so Im just keeping that in my mind and that I need to do work. If I dont do it because Im moaping about after the OH then its time wasted. MUST STAY FOCUSED. Today is an exception time tv it is :)


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