Newbie to submarine service (hopefully) need help understanding navy pay ?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by craigb302, Jun 20, 2014.

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  1. Hi ive currently past all recruitment tests etc just waiting for RNAC/PRNC on 14th july and waiting togo to raleigh on 12th october just looking for some help with regards to pay ? As navy website isnt very clear is it £14k for the 3 months your at Raleigh ? Then upon passing out it rises to £17k then i will start submarine training if im sucessful ? Im going in as a rating my chosen branch is warfar specialist sonar SSM then do i get assigned to a boat etc and hopefully get my SMQ + dolphin badges and become a submariner ? Plus the £5000 golden hello ? After then completing submarine training etc then how does the pay work its quite confusing as from what i can see theres 9 tiers etc which one would be my chosen branch and what additional pay would i recieve ?

    Sorry for the long post but any help would be most appreciated as infomation i have isnt very clear.


  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Speak to your AFCO!

    You will be paid 1/12th of £14K each month for the first six months, then 1/12th £17K for the next 12 months. Therafter you will get an incremental payrise (for the first 9 years, assuming you do not get promoted) on the anniversary of the £17K payrise. You also get an annual "cost of living" payrise each April (ish) as recommended by the Armed Forces Pay Review Body.

    Rates of pay are in annex A:

    You will complete Raleigh first, then branch training, then SMQ Dry, followed by SMQ Wet (on a submarine). Upon successful completion of SMQ wet (about 12 months after joining-ish) you get your £5K bounty & submarine pay - bear in mind it is taxed!
  3. Thanks ninja helped too sum it up i did ask in my afco but was told submariners goto tier 3 or something anyways after talking to a friend on surface fleet he said that it was for engineering branch so wouldn't be SSM then after reading a few other bits and pieces it all started getting confusing as all the available info i found was different on each source.

    Many thanks

    For the reply helped alot
  4. Fixed that for you.
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  5. Everyone starts at level one unless you have previous service.
  6. Thanks danny helped clear that bit up so i gather you start on level 1 and can potentially work up to level 9 depending on performance/experience and time served unless promoted then i guess you go back to level 1 on the scale but for that rank achieved.
  7. Thats pretty much it the pay scales overlap so if you were say a level 8 able rate when you got promoted to leading hand you would go to level 2 or 3. Don't worry about this though its a long way off.
  8. Yeah just looking at getting through raleigh and the SMQ part of the submarine training now cant really afford to fail the training course im leaving a 24k job hv the usual refinements lol house car misses and kids to pay for so just trying to compensate abit for the pay cut at the start of training etc. Im looking forward to starting it a chance todo something unique/different and with abit of luck hopefully becoming a member of this elite group. although its still abit daunting i suppose regardless on fitness etc nothing will prepare me for life onboard hopefully it is for me its more it being the unknown at the minute i guess it will all fall into place once you get into the day to day routines etc.

    Again many thanks its helped alot :)
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  9. So is the submarine pay for everyday you are at sea, I'm assuming? And that's on top of the £5.34 you recieve daily for being at sea? Thanks guys
  10. Submarine pay is every day you are a qualified submariner on leave, alongside, on course etc. it is retention pay and you are being retained. If you spend more than two years in a none submarine essential job you loose it. If you submit notice you loose it.
    The £5 a day you get when drafted to a seagoing submarine.
  11. has anybody started with previous service and what band did you go in at?
    AFCO asked for my last payslip but couldnt tell me anything else.
    i left the army 7 years ago on high band 7.
  12. How much of that was relevant to bring a Chef SM? That's about the only thing they'll read across I suspect.
  13. Its got nothing to do with being a chef, that's why it's not mentioned.
  14. No, but how we calculate re-entrant pay scales is based on previous relevant skills in the RN. I lost 3 years seniority when I transferred within the RN, despite staying in the same general work area.
  15. 1. I misunderstood your first post
    2. Mine seemed cheeky and it wasn't meant to be.

    I was a B1 chef in the army so all skills are transferable, afco think I may skip most of the chef course till the galley cooking phase.
    Also said I wont go back in at the same rate but will be more than a new entrant, just wondering if anybody has experienced similar.
  16. Answer to the OP, the first year will be tight for you (money wise). Once you have qualified as a submariner, getting your SM pay each month (and you SM supplement), throw in the golden hello. You will be in a happier place.

    For you. Gives you a good reason to remain focus and smash all the courses.

    Then you have to like the SM service. Which many don't these days

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