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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Ollie-O, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. Sorry, boring newbie question about pay... yawn... zzz... BUT;

    I just want to see if I'm getting this right.

    Basic pay
    Long Separation Allowance (LSA)
    Submariner Pay on reciept of 'Dolphins' (11.88 per day regardless)
    Submariner sea pay when at sea (£5 extra per day)

    So at sea would all these be paid in conjunction with one another or, for instance, would LSA be replaced with submariner pay when at sea etc?

    (p.s. also heard rumours about an eight year bonus... any truth in this?)

    I'm not a mercenary honest, just trying to clarify on what seems like an offer too good to be true.
  2. i cant help you with the first part but i know a little about eight year bonus, although it might not true

    if you dont take any bonus's then after eight years your entitled to take £15,000. if im wrong please correct me :D
  3. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    first part is true. Whilst at sea you qualify for Longer Separation Allowance, hence the name. Whilst qualified and in a SP(SM) billet you will receive submarine pay. SM pay is also on a scale based on qualification and time served whilst qualified, the JSP should explain all. In addition to that, whilst assigned to a seagoing boat you qualify for the £5 a day additional SP(SM) Supplement. This was brought in to redress the balance between the lads in ships receiving unpleasant living allowance whilst alongside in base port, whilst the submariners were paying for new shiny SLA accommodation, which for some people meant that the skimmers were doing only slightly worse than the deeps.
  4. Have they not also recently announced that Submariners will not pay for their accomodation or something along these lines?
  5. yes they have,its on the RN website blog under alan massey
  6. True, no need to pay accommodation anymore, saving approx hundred pounds per month. Also, as the original poster says, its not too good to be true, submarines are not everyones cup of tea, therefore extra dosh!
  7. Fcuks me, long way from 1966, when it was 7 SHILLINGS a day (35p in monopoly money - the same as they were getting in WWII), no seperation pay, no seagoing allowance - and we were happy to do it ! Then it went up to 9 bob a day (45p). All of a sudden about 73/74, it rose to £1.04 a day - I got considerable abuse from my civvy neighbours for asking if they'd read the "Evening Herald" headlines that day - "Submariner marries commoner". Still deserve and earn every penny they get, bless 'em.
  8. right..

    you get SM Specialist pay when fully SM qualified starting at (i think) nearly £12 a day
    When serving on board a boat you get a supplement SM pay of £5 a day
    When at sea you get an additions LSA...god knows what the starting rate is..maybe another £7 a day

    lads who live in Drake or neptune will not have to pay accomodation charges (drake is NOT pay as you dine though)

    Subsistance is back...not too sure the specifics but it is back

    as for the bonus...again it has all changed a few years are entitled to a 5 year bonus and then an 8 year bonus...abnout £3k each..OR you can NOT take the bonus at the 5 year mark...wait till the 8 year point and get a bonus of £15k

    also, on completetion of your qualification you are entitled to claim a golden hello bonus...£5k.....but a 4 year return of service
  9. also I will add...having spent time on a skimmer (doing SM work) I no longer feel any shred of guilt to taking all this was a complete doss during my 7 weeks on there
  10. sorry whats 'doss'
  11. not doing a great deal...having an very easy time...along with my general service counterparts...stopping for a jolly every 8 days or so
  12. Was that so bad then?
    Having spent almost 15 years on boats a few week on a surface raider would have been regarded as a holiday!
  13. haha

    was not bad..bit more **** really, they like to scrub out more than we could ever imagine...but a real doss..hence why I never feel any shred of guilt about the SM pay and subsistance etc

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