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Hi guys well I passed my RT to join as an AET on monday and have two weeks before my sift interview. So just a few quick questions for those of you who know better, as quite honestly I am already starting to worry about this interview.

What are the kinds of questions they will ask about the RN?

I know of each of the ship types, their armaments, roles, and the format of the pennant number for each, will they expect more ship knowledge than this?

I have wanted to join the navy since I was about four so any advice you guys could give me so I don't make a huage fubar out of this would be hugely appreciated!


Lantern Swinger
Hey mate.

For the interview its split up into two parts..

Everything to do with yourself;

Work experience
Hobbies and interests.

Then the big Why, When, and What's


Second part they will test you on the knowledge of your role. So for AET;

What work you will be doing. ( Main role as a AET? )
Training establishments
Aircraft ( Rotorary, fixed wing ) where they based and what they do.
Your training, from Rlaeigh to the Defence College of Aeronautical of Engineering down in Sultan, Gosport.

Terms of agreement, and contract, for when you are allowed to leave etc.

Hope that gives you a basis of understanding where im coming from. Do look into training though.

Need any more help PM me, im gonig in for AET too.


dont worry about the interview. I had to have one twice. One for Diver which i couldn't go for due to medical eye sight!, so second chioce was AET which i had a interview for too.

The people are right on here, the interview IS like a friendly chat!

Be yourself
Wear a suit
Clean cut and shave
Know your role.

And you will pass! Good luck mate :thumright:


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