Newbie Posting

I posted a question, as a newbie, only to have said post moved to the submariners thread. I now look like a cnut as I aint a submariner and it will look like I (amongst others) are speaking out of turn.

How are you supposed to use this without being flamed?
ROFL @ Sgtpepper!

Oh and Phil, something I learned the hard way on this site, you've got to learn about banter and piss-takery which is rife on this site, and (So I'm told) in the Royal Navy!

Just give some back, but never cross the line like 2twats/Jancox!
Thanks for that creddly, I ain't completely new here mate, as I have already passed out once at Raleigh, as I loved it so much am doing it again! This time with the added perk of having the opportunity to earn my dolphins as well.
So you were a quitter like me? lol Although at least you passed out of basic!

Takes a while to get over doesn't it?

But it's great that we have a second chance!

I can't wait, but this security check is making me do so! :dwarf:
hey creddly you still not had your security check back mine only took about a month from when it was put in to me getting my clearance by the way mate got my joining up date on monday its the 27th jan next year
Nice one mate.

Good luck with your training!

What you going in as that makes it such a long waiting time?

I was warned that my sek-chek would take a long time though!
going in as a s.a its my 31st birthday 11 days before i join up hope you get your clearance soon mate i hate all this waiting around but thats the mod for you hurry up and wait
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