Newbie. Pay/Length of a deployment?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by HandOfGod, May 2, 2012.

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  1. I am new to this site, and before i get shot down for asking a question that can be searched. I have tried but not found the answer I am looking for.

    Basically im looking on joining the submarines, not sure which branch yet.

    I was just wondering how much of a difference there is from submarine pay to surface fleet? And as a new joiner how much will i earn a year? I understand there’s probably not a definitive answer but a close guess will be of help.

    Also I was wondering what is the length of time you will serve on a deployment. Is it the typical 6 months at sea like most of the surface fleet? I ask this because i feel 6 months is an awfully long time to be on a submarine if it is.

    I know these are very basic and probably 'dumb' questions to a lot of people on here so try avoid giving me a bashing.

  2. Sure Wrecker and sonar bender will be along with some sort of an answer. That said I am not guaranteeing it will be correct.
  3. Once you've qualified as a submariner i.e. got your dolphins (which takes about a year from walking through Raleigh gates) you will get SSP(SM) which stands for Special Service Pay (Submarines) which is about £10+ a day extra, you also get a £5K "golden hello". Max time dived is 3 months (only enough food for 90 days for normal rationing). If you are on a long deployment you will normally get 5th watch and fly home for leave but that's only for SSN's. As a new entrant you will be on £13,895 pa which will increase after 6 months when your PVR option runs out.
  4. Frogman, that's the best from me, the defence intranet is kak at founding out info easily as I'm sure you're aware. SJRM will probably know the nitty gritty details.
  5. I was expecting more sarcasm towards the young sludge mariner to be honest. Fair play
  6. That's my sensible answer for May done and on. He may be Argentinian with that screen name!!!!!
  7. Im not worried about time spent away, i was just thinking 6 months on a submarine would be way too long. 3 months is more reasonable obviously. What do they do when they are not deployed just on leave, training etc? Also how much will it go up after the £13,895?

    Im having a hard time deciding which branch to go for. Would not like to pick something then regret it for 4 years.
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mate. Go with your gut instincts. When you join the Military, you never know how long you'll be away from home. Reasonable doesn't even come into it. It you can't take a joke, you shouldn't join.
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  9. What is it about Newbies constantly asking how long they are going to be away from home? As Blackrat says ... in the Forces nothing can be assumed! You can be on your way home after a 6 or 9 month deployment and something kicks off and you get diverted and thats it for another 6 months +.

    I always thought the idea was to go to sea!
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  10. The thought of time away from 'home' never even crossed my mind when I was looking at the RN for a career. Strange how times change and people seem to have priorities these days.

    For me it was travel, pay, a job, pissing up, rum, not forgetting the tart in every port I was always told about. Not necessarily in any specific order. Take what I can when I can.
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  11. I flew out to join a ship in Singapore in '67, it was like the start of The Wizard of oz, black and white England to technicolour far east, everything you wanted was available at the right price, made to measure clothes, cheap watches/electrical stuff, what a run ashore.One bloke in the mess I joined was counting down the days 'till he flew back to the UK to his home town of Oldham, mad as a clowns pants, if you are worried about the length of time you will be away get a job in ASDA.
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  12. I couldn't wait to get back to sea. First "foreign" run ashore was Gib on a 6 month deployement to the Med ... ended up standing by off Beirut waiting to evacuate the foreign nationals off the beach when that all kicked off ... then fishing Turks out the oggin when the Greek Cypriot war flashed and the Greeks sunk a Turkish Destroyer ... chasing the Kiev around after she broke out of the Black Sea on her maiden voyage cutting short a run ashore in Istanbul and getting stuck in Malta for 6 weeks with a bent prop shaft. Never even thought of wanting to get home. Ahh happy days!
  13. Hijacking this thread for a small moment. On the PRNC lately we were all told that cameras/phones where strictly not allowed to be brought to faslane for obvious reasons seeing as nobody knows who the funk we are. But after further briefing and a small probe from me we were also told that cameras/phones weren't allowed there when you were serving either, and more importantly to me they aren't allowed on submarines full stop.

    I took this with a pinch of salt because i know for sure thats not the case after seeing hundreds of jolly photos from a friend who is serving on boats already. So whats the policy on compact cameras and submarines?
  14. They're trialling a new system, it's called AFCO's. It's like a shop with old sailors in it who can discuss your options and you can tell them what personally interests you.

    Give it a go.
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  15. Funny you should say that sharkey, i already DO work in ASDA.

    I am not against going to sea lads, i know it came across as that. I just thought that being 6 months under water was a long time that was all. Not against it or anything. I dont care about being away, i have no ties here and i barely speak to my family so i wont miss being away at all.

    I know i can get info from the AFCO on branches etc, and i do intend too very soon. I just thought i would ask people who have served/are serving about what they would reccomend as a good branch to go into.
  16. You won't have to hold your breath for the duration - I understand that they have air and stuff on boats.

    Mind you with a user name like that perhaps you should hold your breath for six months.
  17. At the end of the day ... you take the Queens shilling and you sign your life away. There are no guarantees that you will be home / be able to talk to family for months on end. If that matters to you and you don't think you can hack it ... don't join!
  18. Hi, Welcome to our Happy Band.

    If you are thinking about branches consider what you are good at/ experienced in (that is offerred in an RN branch I hasten to add). Consider that if you serve 22 you are probably going to need a job when you leave the mob and so what you will have done for 22 years should be of great value thinking so far ahead.

    In other words if you are interested in electronics consider WE, if mechanics and engines - ME. Store accounting (or logistics something or other) MAY develop your supermarket skills, and dont forget that if you leave the mob as a senior rate/ officer you will have management experience. Firing guns, polishing torpedoes and blowing things up sounds fun but when you step outside will it find you a good job (legally)?

    It's a Man's life as Splash-Target Coxwain - do they have these in Boats?

  19. if you don't want to be away from 6 months
    don't be a dabber
  20. Just to clear up again, i dont have a problem with being away for 6 months, a year, two years etc. Like i said, i have nothing here anyway. I was just merely asking how long you can expect to be on deployment.

    Although i do work at a supermarket, i have got good GCSE'S and A levels. After mooching around a bit im interested in CIS.

    Whats wrong with my username anyway guzzler?..

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