Newbie paradise.... coming to you soon!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by thingy, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. It looks like all your concerns to Ninja have fed through to Pusser, for soon he is launching, especially for you, a newbie info page about Raleigh. He's the announcement from the Mare's mouth....

    I understand they'll even have a section on:

    What bag to take........ :D

    Maybe you'll be able to do a Distance Training Pt.I course soon. Watch the videos, complete the course papers emailed out to you, answer all the multiple questions texted out to your personal mobile, and pass out virtually in cyberspace. I've already put my name forward to Ninja for the trial process. I do hope nobody will actually shout at me! If they do, I can always press the MUTE button... :roll:
  2. It won't stop it mate, if they question the info the careers advisors give them then they'll certainly question the videos too. In fact this will throw up even more bone questions. I can't wait, it's good entertainment.
  3. I saw a video of trainees Ironing and Marching on the RN Website. Is this really what happens or is this just made up for the cameras? I would ask my AFCO but I wanted to be ridiculed on here first
  4. Perhaps we can run a sweepstake for how long before the first question about the videos once it's been launched. My guess is it will start with "i seen der vids on Rayliegh and I wus finking"
  5. I'm a Newbie myself, and i find some of the questions funny as fcuk!

    Theres always the people who were breast fed untill 14 and need mummy and daddy to tell them what to do.

    I suppose that my dad wacking me when i was a child was a good thing? and should drop the charges?

    Any advice? :roll:
  6. Tell him to do it more and harder, you'll thank him for it in the end.
  7. :salute:

    He says weapons will help but i dont know whether to belive him or not can someone tell me if this is right?
  8. Correct, weapons achieve better results, ask him to use the "God-sprocket" Which is basically a bike pedal with the gear sprocket thingy still attached, that was always my favourite.
  9. Noted. Cheers for the advice i knew those guys in the afco were lying :cry:

    Edit: To add a serious note, i suppose if it helps the new joiners to belive the guys in the afco's then crack on ;)
  10. :oops: :oops: you will have to run your video recorder 24/7 STEVE the demand will be O.T.T. :roll: :roll: your charity will be a big winner :roll: :roll: Hms Ganges/Raleigh, the sequel :oops: :oops: :oops:
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, things are indeed moving towards finally getting forums up & running on the Official websites for Potential Booties too, although nothing has "gone-live" yet work is certainly afoot:

    The intention is to lower Hig's blood pressure ideally, but we'll see.
  12. I'll only undergo cyber-Ganges training if you're there to hold my hand(says Thingy shaking in his boots....)! :idea:
  13. I will of course refer all inquiries to you Thingy as usual, so prepare for incoming.
  14. That would make the mother, what? 26? 28? Lucky little bastards!! :D
  15. ;)
  16. Bet they are like throwing a kit bag in the back of a 4 tonne Bedford though!
  17. Bitty! :lol:

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