Newbie papping himself!!

Alright lads stumbled over the website few days ago and iv been trying to read as much as i can, There just seems to be so much to actually take in!

I have just had my date come threw the post to have my recruiting test,(5th march) im hoping to join as a AET so from what i understand the pass mark is 70%?

I've never been the best at maths so im revising quite abit but im worried im not spending enough time on the mechanical side, has anyone got any tips or what to expect from this tests? Im desperate to pass first time being 22 at the moment i really dont want to wait another year!

I've been to the local bookshop and bought "ultimate psychometric tests" but this seems much harder than the questions in the book the navy give me! haha im just proper confused with it all!

any tips,links anything i will be really grateful

just on a side note aswell if there is any AET's reading this im not actually sure what aircraft i want to work on, I've heard that certain helicopters/planes spend pretty much all there time at land bases, what's the best aircraft to work on if you want to do alot of travelling? I've been looking at the M4 Sea King...does this do alot of sea duty?!

cheers in advance for any help
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