Newbie - Only just found you!!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scrintzen_Doofer, Jun 27, 2010.

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  1. Hi fellow shipwrecks, just joined RR so I can keep up to date with the latest NAAFI queue buzzes and gen dits.

    A little bit about me, I joined the Mob in 1989 as a WEM(R), primarily a Guzz rating, have had four 22's and a 23 and four COMMCEN's. Currently based in Pompey in a mobile capacity for Fleet HQ after completing Mech's Course at Collingrad.

    Only two years til pensh!!!! But I don't want to leave cos I'm an anchor faced bast"£d lol
  2. Welcome!

    Watch out for Soleil; she's the gobby aggressive one.
  3. Welcome aboard shipers. :D
  4. Haven't seen or used Scrintzen Doofer in a long time. I thought they were obsolete.
  5. Are they ek as like, they ship 'em next to the clebbies, at the back of the snatchblocks, you know right by the ickies.
  6. Saw the name of this and almost thought it was a declaration of love :)

  7. Love? is that when you can have sex twice with the same party?
  8. Just so you know, there are a couple of cnuts on here, personally I don't like them myself. They lurk around the Diamond Lil's section, so mind how you go..... I can smell them from here.
  9. I thought it was when you let your oppo have a bite of your oggie :lol:
  10. You rang :p
  11. How`do. :)
  12. Welcome Scrintz, watch out for Tuts, she's a mental scouser with a habit of bunny boiling.
  13. I've got a PHD in stalking. :evil:
  14. Welcome, watch out for JonnoJonno, it will all start with him PMing you and offering to be your special friend...
  15. Soleil is a real diamond.
  16. Greetings from a Lil's lurker :lurk:

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