Newbie needing advice and guidance:P :)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ben1985, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi there, I've been thinking about joining the Royal Navy for a few months previous and finally decided I wanted to do it.

    Last week I had a week off work, so went to the AFCO in Lincoln (I live in Scunthorpe), and got some information from the careers bloke there and got myself an application form.

    I posted the form this Tuesday with the SAE they provided, I noticed it was 2nd class, so it should be there by Thursday or Friday.

    I was just wondering if somebody can give me a rough idea of the 'timeline' if you get what I mean

    I'm assuming I will get a date for the aptitude tests within a week or two, so if somebody could give me a rough idea how long it takes from stage to stage and ideally from filling in your application form to starting your basic training at HMS Raleigh.

    The 1st preference I've put on the application form is: Steward, so does the waiting times and entry/non-entry depend on if the job itself is over/under supplied? and the persons aptitude tests?

    Yeh, so if you helpful people on this website could do that for me^:), I've only been on it for a few days but it looks like a helpful site with lots of helpful members :)


    Benjamin Peter Wood
  2. Incoming!!

    Welcome to the site, you'll find a mine of information here. Both useful and useless.

    The aptitude test shows you which trades you're able to join. Steward is one of the, er, easier trades to get into. So you might find you'll have a pick of many trades when you get your results.

    My recruitment timescale was 9 months, but that was very, very quick indeed. Mostly it seems to be over a year. Keep posting!
  3. Welcome to the site Ben, and as Snap says, you'll find the info you're looking for all over. And I'm sure that others will give you their opinions good or bad. Been out too long to have any input for you but ask away...
    good luck.
  4. 9 months, hmm, that's what i would of thought was normal really,

    I've asked a few friends at work who incidentially went into the navy at 17, both of them pulled out!, one to me said 10 months about and the other 11

    So does the under-over supply of a job affect the recruitment speed?

    say for example, they are very under-supplied on stewards, and i pass all the tests straight through (touch wood), i assume this would be quicker then applying for a post (god knows which to use as an example) but one that is very over-supplied?


    Benjamin Peter Wood
  5. The shortages are for recruits into submarines.
  6. yer, someone said that to me aswell, reading up a bit, im guessing you say to the required person that you would do it,i definitley would, i would find it exciting.

    Apparently if i read right, you have to do a submarine course and then a test to get your 'dolphins', then you can go onto a submarine, but yes I would definitley 'ask' if a submarine position is avaliable, maybe as soon as you've got a basic training date, I don't know you see?


    B Wood
  7. :roll: The Submarine Position? ...Tell me more... :wink: :lol:
  8. no, you read it wrong:p, and i know you're implying it wrong, I was just asking how and when you ask if you can go on a submarine or rather train , get your dolphins and then go on one.


    B W
  9. also, another little time question, how long to sending your application form off will you get a date for your aptitude tests, also usually how much time do you have between when you get the letter (allowing for delay from where sent from) to the date of the test, if you need to book time off work for example?


    B W
  10. somebody must know the answer to the above question:p im guessing 2 weeks from sending your form back, say 2.5 tops, also the afco im using is lincoln if thats any help to anybody:) cheers ben w
  11. The wait time on all these things vary, I would suggest leave it a week after you post it and then phone the AFCO to confirm that they have received it. You can in the same call ask them how long it is taking them to process, as you are keen to join.

    I am afraid hurrying up to wait around is the norm in the military, so you may as well get used to it now. Good luck with your application shipmate.
  12. My main concern is that you want to be a steward.
    Do you know what a steward actually does?
    I don't know what your initial education test results are but I would seriously reconsider your job choice.
    Comments from RR members please
  13. Ahoy,
    Basic training is 9 weeks at raleigh,however dont go down the road of steward,go for medic or stores if thats what floats your boat (always been warfare meself and ex bootneck)cause it gives you the option to go for commando course.Been in subs for 16 yrs( 5 yrs corp) best move ever made round the world twice and under the ice!Good luck and go for it.
    Could be worse could be a civvie!
  14. Here is the info on the job as Steward,

    But with the latest round of changes pure Stewards are unlikely to exist for much longer. What Slim is implying is that the role is suitable for people who get lower scores in the tests you will be doing (or have done) at the AFCO. So if your scores allow, you may want to consider another position as it may better suit your abilities.

    It does however take all sorts of people to make up the Navy so don't let their micky taking put you off it that is what you want to do. It is an importart role as you will be supporting Officers in allowing them to concentrate on their jobs and will likely be First Aid trained to deal with emergencies. I am not a Steward so only know what I have seen and been told but hopefully there will be others on here that can comment on actually doing the job.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    ROYAL marine to SUB marine........novel career change :shock:
  16. Perhaps the "Holiday Inn" group should get the RN to write their job descriptions.
    A more accurate description can probably be found in a Holiday Inn advert for Chamber maids and Waiters. :evil:
    May I ask if you are part of the Officer corp Phil? :smile:
  17. Steward...........for the love of god why?????
  18. the reason for stewards was so that i can definitley get in. my english/ mechanical comprehension are pretty good, the only area that im not very good at is maths for some reason! is the stewards section under-supplied? il see wht test results i get when i do my test, i am very keen to get in though asap! cheers ben wood
  19. That's the spirit, aim low... shucks! If you want to get in 100%, paint your skin with parade gloss, stick balloons under your wolley pulley and tell em you are gay. In like flynn. :twisted:
  20. Well you don't have to make your mind up until after to have passed your test. They will give you a short sample paper that gives you a clue as to what kind of questions they will give you and if maths is your weak point then do some swatting up of mental arithmetic. Maybe one of your friends is better at it and can help.

    When taking the test, answer the easy questions first (as it is timed and build your confidence) and even on the ones you have no idea of have a educated guess towards the end of your time, as you are not marked down for wrong answers. The critical thing though is timing put you watch if front of you and do not spend too long on any one question.

    Good luck.

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