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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by fathaggis, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    I have my medical booked next month and am concerned that they are going to fail me due to my weight!
    I am naturally a big guy (not all fat) 6ft 2 and currently weigh just under 21stone. I have already lost a stone over the last month and a half and hope to get down to 15-16 stone before i join but with my medical next month is there a chance they will reject my application or prolong my waiting period until i have reached a certain weight?
    My fitness is relatively good and improving due to boxing training 3 nights a week and spending roughly 8 hours at the gym each week alternating between cardio and weight training.

    any advice will be greatly appreciated! :)
  2. sorry i cant answer your question but im sure Angrydoc will be along in a short while to help you out.
    Good luck with your medical
  3. HA Rumrat,

    I am embarrassed to say this song is in my 'workout' playlist on my ipod! 8)

    oh and cheers Dabbzie!
  4. Nowt wrong with an inspiring tune :D
  5. What time do you run 1.5 miles and how many press-ups can you manage?
  6. Hi Jonno,

    my best time so far is 13:30 which is 2 minutes faster than i was doing a month or so ago. i usually do 40 press ups in two sets of 20 with about 10-15 seconds recovery! I do a lot of circuit training at my boxing sessions, which has helped my fitness drastically!
  7. You are chronically overweight and not very fit mate, so I suggest (if you haven't already started) that you start a fitness diary, which you can use to illustrate the effort you are putting in to improve.

    Don't get your hopes up, but showing effort and improvement may give you a chance.
  8. Not what i was wanting to hear but thanks for the advice, Do you think they will reject my application or just prolong it until i have reached a suitable weight?

  9. I'm not a recruiter/doctor mate, so I can't say (I was pointing out the obvious as opposed to giving you an official opinion). Perhaps either 'AngryDoc' or one of the recruiters who loiter on here will give you an official line.

    They will be concerned about your ability to pursue a fairly rigorous training regime without injury, and you may even struggle to get cleared to do your PJFT until you have lost some timber.

  10. Yeah i can understand any concerns they'd have.

    Being told i have a 24 month wait until i could potentially start at HMS Raleigh, i would have thought that was more than enough time to get myself in shape and fit for basic training. I have up to 2 months until i have to undertake the PJFT which i feel is enough time to knock a minute or two off my current best time. I guess its all down to what the doc says though
  11. You will have 24 months from the time you have passed all the recruitment stages. You may experience a substantial delay from the date of the medical until the PJFT, in order for you to lose the weight. The drama you have is to get fit enough (in the eyes of the medical staff) to do your PJFT run.
  12. Ok, thanks for the advice Jonno.
  13. Evenin' FH

    Without wishing to piss on your fire even more...when I had my medical there was a girl there who was told to lose a stone and go back before they would pass her medical and she didn't really seem in too bad shape!

    If anything they could be the case, the explanation was that yes they maybe a wait for your trade but what would happen if they had an ealry place for you, you could get it if you weren't properley fit to start.

    Keep at it!!
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Pending an authoritative reply off angrydoc, you simply need to be within the healthy BMI scale for your height, (ie around 25/26 max) regardless of stature, frame size & muscle mass. If you aren't then you cannot pass medical & move forward in the application process unfortunately & the "clock" effectively stops until you meet the target weight.

    That said, by way of inspiration, one of my candidates lost 5 stone last year a successfully passed out of phase two training this year, so it can be achieved.

    Good luck.
  15. Hi FH!

    Disclaimer: I am neither a Medic nor a PTI!

    However .........

    A rough calculation on the NHS BMI calculator suggests to me, using your given weight and height and an imaginary age of 22, that your current BMI is around 37.

    It seems to me that to be within the suitable BMI range that you would need to be around 14 and a half stone, so you have some weight to lose.

    I once lost quite a lot of weight; I did it by going to Weightwatchers and sticking to their plan. This is just my personal suggestion, bear in mind, not an official endorsement of Weightwatchers, but, for me, it worked. By the way, lots of guys go to Weightwatchers, so you won't be the only one; some of the class leaders are male nowadays as well. (There are also lots of attractive women there too!).

    I can post a link to their class finder for you, if you like. I suggest this on the understanding on my part that weight loss is best facilitated by both increasing calorie expenditure via exercise and reducing calorie intake by making changes to one's diet.

    At your medical, the Dr will suggest a target weight to you and ask you to return at a later date, but don't be disheartened. Just bear in mind what your reward will be at the end and then just crack on.
  16. I lost 6 stone and passed my rejoining (been in before) medical and PJFT by minutes. Then creamed my annual fitness test even more

    So it's possible, anyone who says it's not is lying to themselves. Best way is to stop putting shit in via the mouth and run!
  17. Hi all,

    Thanks for all the very sound advice and support.
    this is definitely not something that i am going to let put me off getting in even if i have to add an extra 6 or so months to to lose the weight, i know its not an impossible task and if i keep up my current fitness regime and diet i will reach any weight they give me.
    i will be sure to let you all know how i get on as i know you must be all so anxious! :p

    oh and yeah im 23, 24 next month!

    Thanks again
  18. Right I've had my All Blacks Vs Wallabies Test Match ration of Guinness and Talisker so I'm qualified to offer my twopenn'oth.....

  19. So you are 6' 2'' and just under 21stone, I am 6' 1'' and 10st 8Lb ,HALF of your weight, I agree with Tommo, stop eating shit food and start putting some miles in.

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