Newbie in need of friendly advice/mocking!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by antpal, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've been lurking for a couple of days, and knowing that nobody likes a lurker I thought i'd pitch up with a question or two.

    I'm considering joining the RN, and have been since being made redundant from MoD last year. I'm 32 years old - by the time i get to acceptance stage i'll be 33. Is it a wise move for me to be considering this? Am i having a mid-life crisis? Will i have to suffer endlessly at the hands of my peers for being the old man amongst them? lol!

    I've just found myself at a bit of a crossroads right now. I specialise(d) in land based crypto systems, and there's not an awful lot I don't know about the CIS used by the army. But, in order to apply my skills to a civvie role i need further training (there are virtually no jobs out there for those skills anyway) - and that costs money. As i'm definately a little long in the tooth for a modern apprentiship the RN has entered my thoughts (as it had done when i left school).

    I have no degree, but do have the usual GCSE's and a GNVQ Adv (= 2 A Levels). Added to that a load of professional quals based around my former job.

    Reading through the stuff i've been posted by the RN, CIS Specialist and Hydrographic Meteorological and Oceanographic Specialist are really jumping out at me.

    So guys, am i nuts? Does previous pro experience (management) have any bearing in place of UCAS points?

    Loads of other q's too, but im guessing common stuff like whats life actually going to be like etc? How often do you guys make it home throughout the year? All things I will already find discussed here!

    Thanks for reading!
  2. You're too old to be an Officer (pretty much), and frankly I suspect that CIS would probably bore you; not because it's a dull job, but at the JR level you are unlikely to have much involvement in 'engineering a circuit'. Have you thought about going either ET(WE) or looking at a R Signals area (probably Spec Op) to utilise your skills. As for WS(HM), it's a good job, but as with any JR position, the majority of your life (especially until you've got a couple of years under your belt) will revolve around cleaning and doing the mundane bit of watchkeeping.

    The other alternative is to go to the TA and then do something in civvy street, or apply to GCHQ....
  4. actually, thinking about it, you could go for:

    Warfare Communications Technician

    as being a ET(WE) needs to be under 29. Have you been to a careers office and spoken to someone about this all?
  5. Welcome to Rum Ration, AntPal.

    Something I think you should know is that there is a bit of a wait for most Royal Navy jobs at the moment, so it wouldn't be that quick.

    I was wondering whether CT would appeal to you?

    By the way, do you know where your local RN Careers guys are? Dropping in for a chat with them might help point you in the right direction.

    Edit: Sorry, ATG, hadn't seen your post when I was typing mine.
  6. Thanks for the replies!
    Yes, CT does appeal also, the link explains the role much better than the glossy book i was sent does.

    I have an appt with the careers office on the 6th. I'm really looking forward to that to discover more. I was sent a fairly hefty careers guide, which doesnt contain as much info as the website does, but is still very informative. I guess i should see how i feel after my appt at the careers office, but in the mean time i want to find out as much as possible about what i could potentially be letting myself in for!
  7. STC need crypto geeks
  8. STC???????
  9. Ant

    The first real stage of the application process is the Psychometric Test. It might be in your interests to start getting your head around that as you will need to do well if you want the kind of thing you are looking at to be included in your list of possible jobs. You can get an idea of what the Test is like here:

    If you need to work on your fitness, you might want to start looking at that sooner rather than later, as a Pre-Joining Fitness Test will follow your Medical.
  10. Cheers Soleil,
    Yep, i've been through the test on the website - all looks doable. Fitness wise, yes, i need some work, and defo need to quit the cancersticks! However, i believe i shouldn't have too hard a job getting fitter. I play tennis regularly, so im not in too shoddy shape!
  11. STC is a bollocks wind-up on this site. It used to be funny, now it's just used to belittle people. I wouldn't worry about it
  12. STC is out if you smoke, CT is your route from what youve posted.
  13. Ant

    I would advise putting as much preparation into the test as you can, getting in lots of practice against the clock, trying different psychometric tests etc. The reason I suggest this is that the test isn't a simple pass/fail test, although there is a pass mark, of course. Each job has a test score requirement which has to be reached if a candidate wants to be offered that job. Some jobs have relatively modest score requirements but CT isn't one of those and I would advise you to go in at the top of your game, if you see what I mean. A modest pass won't put you in the frame for CT.

    Rum Ration has a psychometric test thread which you will find helpful:
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2011
  14. No, it's funny when someone (generally aged 15 - 20) comes here, spouts off about how they're going to be a submariner turned WAFU who then gets his green lid and then goes for selection, all the while talking about his panther and latest holiday to twelverife. It's not funny when someone asks a relatively sensible question and instead of helping him we lead him off in some random path - not the greatest first impression we could offer.
  15. Are you just bitter because STC is another course you failed along with all the others you crap twat?
  16. Alfred, I've seen it in used in a funny manner, like how you describe it, but it can just be dreary as ****, especially when the newbie isn't like that at all.
  17. Pretty much. But at least I'm not a ******* waste of a service number WAFU, whose only interaction with a sea draft is sitting on his wide wren's arse in the Ops Room of a CVS spinning dits about this one time, in Culdrose, the weather was like, claggers.

    I bet our Midshipman has got more days LSA than you.
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  18. Flash. You lose.
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  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    Can we start an "Out Monty" campaign now? I always thought he was a sea dodger. All the photo's i've seen of him have been on the ground in Body armour and suchlike. I feel short changed.
  20. That'll be my airsoft photos.
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