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I'm a Commonwealth Citizen applying to join the Royal Navy. I've filled out both the request form and spoken with a representative. I was told that it should take 3 weeks to reach by post as I reside in the Caribbean. What I would like to know is the next step after receiving the form and what to expect.

The gentleman that I spoke with on the phone also informed me that since I'm a Commonwealth Citizen I am limited to several jobs and wrote me as "General Interest". After searching the jobs I see available are: Supply Chain Logistician, Steward, Medical Assistant and Engineering Technician.

I've also read that there is a waiting list for the jobs; does anyone know how long the waiting times are for the jobs I've listed?

Thank you for taking time to read my message I'll be looking forward to any answers and guidance that you'll can give.


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Huge waiting lists, (around 2 years) but don't let that put you off! Don't invest in English weather clothing quite yet though mate! Not that i have any experience at all doing any of the jobs apart from the engineering, but if you can try and go for either a Medical or Engineering branch. No slight do the Dusty's intended!
Once you make an application, you will have to come across to the UK to undergo selection (Written test, Medical, Fitness test and interview). Once you have been processed and hopefully passed each section you will then go on to a waiting list to join. The average waiting times are approx 18 to 24 months.

The overseas recruiter will deal with your initial paperwork, but you would be passed on to the nearest office to where you intend to stay when you come to the UK (Sponsors address).

Hope this helps, but you will get loads of info in the post, which explain everything for you

Kind regards


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