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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Muppet89, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I can hopefully reapply in the next couple of months due to being medically discharged earlier in the year.

    Also thinking of changing trades, whilst at Raleigh i found out alot of information about other trades which made me think that the one i chose may not of been totally ideal for me!

    Deciding between Writer and WS!

    Is the process to reapply pretty much the same as i have already done in 2009/2010? I know i will have to redo another medical and PJFT as i spoke to my AFCO briefly when i got discharged!
  2. new things like the RNAC have been added and Raleigh is now a 10 week course. I'm not entirely sure of the details, so you might want to ask someone like Ninja Stoker who'll know more than me
  3. The rather obvious question is: if you were medically discharged, why are you now better enough to re-join?
  4. to be fair, it might have been a temporary condition, but it's a very valid point
  5. well ive been to physio ect and theyve signed me off as fit. Ive been running 2-3mile every other day without pain and i can do my 2.4km in 12.45min so im pretty much fixed! (i hope!)
  6. They asked me if i wanted to go on the RNAC just before i went to Raleigh, but i understand its now compulsary? and its a pass or fail?!

    I didnt go first time round due to work - they wouldnt let me have any time off!

  7. I had very bad shin splints. The week before i came home i were hobbling around Raleigh on crutches!
    They did say if this had happened last year or anytime before the defence review they would of probably kept me there until i were sorted but with all the cut backs they couldnt justify keeping me there so they discharged me and said i could reapply in 6months time.
    Ive left it slightly longer than the 6month to make sure everything is working properly without any pain!
  8. Im a girl...i do get 13.15min! This only going off my first timed 2.4km since i started training again!
  9. ah, fair enough. Good luck to you. But, damn, I wish I didn't have to do it 2 minutes quicker than you. I wasn't built with running in mind (yeah, I'm a hobbit :D). I would love it if there was an alternative based on cycling, cos that's my forte.
  10. i dont think i were built to run either! ive had too many injuries!

    Edited to say good luck!!

    A bit too quick with the mouse there. :)
  11. With continuing long waiting lists, getting back in may not be a given....
  12. How long were you placed into stonehouse for with shinsplints?
  13. Just under 3 weeks. i did alot of swimming!

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