I am off to HMS Raleigh on Sunday and would just like to thank all the people who have posted on here. I have read numerous posts on here and they have all helped in some way or another. Thanks especially to the likes of ninja and angrydoc as they definitely know there stuff and have helped me tremendously. I will let you know how I get on and hopefully pass on some knowledge of my own when I pass out.
Good luck. Do as your told, don't gob off and enjoy it. Remember, Raleigh is not the Navy it's just the shit you have to do to get in the Navy.


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Best of luck to ya mate, hope it all works out good for ya!! you'll be seeing me in a few weeks!!!!!! i'm sihting myself :oops:


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Good luck in the Andrew mate. Once you get the shite out of the way, the rest will be plain sailing (pardon the pun).
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