Newbie - Applying for Medical Assistant

Newbie - Applying for: RN Medical Assistant

Hey guys!

Would just like to say how fantastic the forum is, the information here is endless and to be able to hear from all of your experiences is a great insight.

My names Dean, living in the sunny seaside of the West of Scotland. Just thought I would pop by to say hello from a complete newbie!

About to apply to the RN as a Medical Assistant, been thinking about it for years and finally come to the time to make the first step (regret not doing it years ago!). From having a nosy around the forums it seems the waiting time is around 24 months... all the more time to prepare for a huge life change!

Ill give you a little background on me:

Recently went through training with the Merchant Navy as a Junior Deck Officer... with my mind set on a more "medical" oriented profession yet a huge passion for the sea... was not a great move! Loved every minute of it though, from mopping the decks to handing out plasters and plotting routes across the world... was definitely an incredible experience. Although I just kept thinking about the medical side of things... hiding away in the ship's Hospital Cabin thinking... if only there were a role on the seas as a medic! (cabin fever at its best!:angel7:)

I left training unfortunately after a brilliant 4 month sea phase to begin training in healthcare. I have been involved as a volunteer First Aider for the past 3 years with St Andrew's Ambulance association as well, giving basic care at local and national events around Scotland.

As a RN MA, I think the experience and unique environments will provide training no other profession could give, not only in medical care but in the life of the armed forces - at sea and ashore. The challenge seems absolutely incredible and there is such a wide and diverse area of skills that can be gathered on the way!
I think that to be a part of the RN is something huge and to be proud of, to support the RN and everybody involved in their operations by providing care and support will be an honour.

Lets not forget the upgrade in title... from "plaster boy" to "scablifter"!! ;-P
In all seriousness, it will be great to learn the skills of a MA. Even though its basic care compared to the likes of MO, the skills are absolute life saving and the knowledge alone - all toys put aside - will be a way of life.

Would love it if you guys had any tips on what the daily life of a MA involves!

Cannot wait to be involved! Even though its a long time away yet, I feel a little nervous about it all.
Being involved in pretty dreadful conditions and expecting the worst will be a shock. Especially the level of sole responsibility as well if based at sea.
I'm a little too used to the easy treatment on the street with no extreme environment or extrication difficulty... sole responsibility and care miles offshore.
Although I have a lot a head of me - training and time. Hopefully it will all come naturally! We all start somewhere I suppose.

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Hi Dean

Welcome to Rum Ration!

If you are thinking of applying, I would recommend getting your skates on; it's better to be on the list than just thinking about it.

Good Luck!

By the way, do you have the qualifications to apply to be a Naval Nurse?
Thanks guys, went a bit overboard with the post! Haha

Going to call up tomorrow morning to start the process, hopefully the wait won't be any longer than 2 years!

I didn't do too well in school to be honest, I only have my standard grades. Working towards an HNC just now and with St Andrew's Ambulance I only have basic first aid/defib certs. Was thinking about nursing in uni before I really knew about the opportunities in the RN, although the MA seems to be an ideal choice, huge variety of skills and plenty to be involved with!

Hello mate. Great first post, and just to confirm sols post get a move on with applying, the process itself can be spread over 12 months so just get it rolling and enjoy the ride, be patient and it will fly by, i have been waiting a year and its gone like the wind, just another couple to more!! haha. Good luck!


Lantern Swinger
hey deano, we are in the same boat. will try to raise you on chat at some point and we can have a good ol' chew of the fat.

best of luck

Hello mate, just the other day i was talking to my careers adviser and he showed me the sheet with waiting times and medical assistant is only 12 months m8. best of luck
Hey Guys,

im also applying to be a medical assistant, i passed my RT yesterday and my AFCO told me that the waiting times are around 18 months at present, but as we know these can change, 18 months or there about would be perfect for me as i still have a year left at uni!
Hey Dean

I'm going in as a SEA but a guy who was with me when we had a presentation he was going in as a MA but he had to wait 3 years! which is like a year now to go.

Hopefully the waiting times have changed!
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