Newbie advice please- taking personal kit to basic?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DaveyMcB, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi!

    I've got my AIB soon and there are a couple of little things I'd let to get cleared up...nothing major, but I'd just like to know!

    My Uncle has bought me a really nice wristwatch for my brithday- can I wear this during BRNC, and throughout my career, or do you get issued a 'standard' wristwatch?

    Also, when you get posted to a ship, what are the rules on what personal kit you can take? I enjoy shooting and have my own hunting rifle- it folds down into a wooden case no bigger than a normal briefcase. Would I be able to take my own rifle on deployment (for sport once we dock), or is likely not to be allowed?

  2. You are going to hunt with a rifle! Bit harsh, just get them a drink!
  3. Not worth taking your own watch as the RN will give you the first dog watch and if you are lucky you may even get the second.
    As for hunting with your pop gun, only on large ships when there is a full compliment of stewards. Other branches are far too important for junior occifers to take pot shots at.
    If you like hunting on horseback it may be worth applying for aircraft carriers as it is possible that some space for your glower may be available in the hanger. A request to the aircraft handlers will be required as many of them have been known to ride old nags when ashore.
    Fishing is also possible and may be carried out from the splash target.

  4. FFS youre going to train as a Royal Naval Officer not the Fooking Jackal!!!

    If you want to play with guns then join the Royal MArines and get paid for it!

    Also re the watch,unless you can accuratly tell the time from the sun or position of Uranus it would be handy to have a cheap timepiece to avoid being trooped for being constantly adrift.!
  5. I'd advise a cheap Casio G-Shock - practically indestructible.

    When you're at sea your watch is worn on your belt-loop to prevent your hand being divested of its skin when you snare it on something, so there's not much point wearing a nice one. Bring it to show off during Cocktail Parties tho!
  6. How many Dog Watches in the WAFU world, Slim?

    Us seagoing matelots just had the two. First and Last.
  7. Dog watch?

    My brothe took a CWC SBS Divers watch with him, does the trick, very robust and looks great.
  8. Sorry Streaky, it's an age thing, must be confusing the dog watch with the Maltese dog shoot :w00t:
  9. Is that the same as the Malta dog shoot?
  10. I mean game hunting and fullbore target shooting, not firing at people!
  11. What kind of big game hunting do you envisage at sea?

    There's the horses of course, kept onboard for racing, but the lowerdeck will get a tad annoyed at you if you start shooting them.

  12. FFS Safaris for the Armed Forces went out with the Colonial Office!!!!!
  13. The only game hunting you wil be doing is Hunt the thimble :w00t:
    However after a pussers curry or two you may spend time on the shit shute :thumright:
  14. If hunting is your thing. Even as a pass time.

    Why the hell are you joining the RN?

    Surely a cavalry regt. would suit better? They have Gee Gee's and armouries to stow weapons in. being land based you also get to shoot German, Canadian and UK wild life.

    As for watches, take whatever you can afford to lose!!!!! :thumright:
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As already stated a cheap "chunky watch" is considered de-rigeur when on a wardroom peasant shoot amongst the lower decks. An expensive one may cause revolting ratings and we can't have that, oh no.

    You're probably best just taking a crap watch like my missus bought me for my birthday- that way if it gets lost, damaged or stolen, you don't care. As angrydoc says, an expensive one ensures you gain a crowd of admirers at the cocktail party (providing there's no aircrew about).

    With regard your matching Purdey boxlocks, you need written permission before you may bring them aboard a war canoe or shore establishment.
  16. I think the same applies to polo ponies.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, but with the ponies it's just so as the caterer orders enough bales of hay.
  18. Well he wouldn't need a Steward, he'd probably have the full complement of servants.
    Manservant/Valet. A la Jeeves.
    Gun Bearer. Gunga Din type or mad jock ghillie for the use of.
    Cook. Mrs Bridges type takes no shoite from the Logs Ossifer.
    Boot Black. Everyman should have one saves getting the 'Kiwi' under the fingernails, what?
    As long as he can fit them all and their fodder for the duration in his bedspace there shouldn't be a problem.
  19. Do you mean that people get by without manservants these days? But who's going to polish the riding boots, brush the riding helmet, maintain the rifle, iron one's white silk scarf, brush the ponies, keep the sailors happy......?

    Davey, I was always taught only to shoot what I was going to eat later. Clay pigeons don't roast well and Stewards who aren't well hung for at least 6 months can be tough if not brazed very sloooowly. :biggrin: :twisted:

    I concur with those here who recommend the Brigade of Guards, so long as you can stand the odd round of decent bubbly and have a private income (essential).
  20. Waspie, the only thing the Cav hunt is each others arses in the mess...

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