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Can someone enlighten me?

When you pass out of Raleigh should your salary automatically go up from 13K to 16K?

I have also heard that it rises to 16K after you have completed your first six months; and it is irrelevant if you have passed out or not?
RNR aren't salaried mate, you get the daily rate for as many days as you do (admittedly a list of the daily rates of pay is hard to come by these days)

You will be on the NE payscale until you pass out of Raleigh after which you will become an AB2 (a few £ more per day).
Cheers Dunkers

I knew RNR are paid at a daily rate...but it is worked out from an anually salary figure........

Reason I am asking is most guys in my unit are still waiting for their daily rate to increase... nearly six months after the actually passed out of Raleigh.

That`s never, ever happened to me in my civilian working life, re; wage and increment rises.
It is utterly undefensable. It`s only data processing input on the JPA system?
In days of old (2006) we had to put in a chit to the ship's office to request this. Though you may no longer even have a UPO at your unit due to JPA.

No idea how the daily rate is worked out, as (AB2 level 1 lower spine salary / 365) != daily rate. Your best bet would be to find a writer and speak to him to be honest.
Sadly not true.

For example, many submariners going on courses over recent months have had their Submarine Pay completely screwed up. They have been assigned and arrived in accordance with the Business Process Guides issued by JPA, but everything has still gone tits up.

Data input obviously can have some impact on these issues, but I assure you that the vast majority of problems are caused by this ill thought out, technically inept, and poorly run system.
Yep, you're right, the AB2 salary / 365 does not equal level 1 of 9 daily pay rate - the "x factor" is removed from the salary first.

NE rate of pay is about £32 a day, AB2 about £39 a day. Mine went up on the anniversary of my seniority date. I think (do not know) that your pay level increase on this date every year.
randy_riveter said:
JPA is only as good as the information it`s given.
Nooooo, blame the computer, blame the computer..... It's never the fault of the operators. Ever!!!!

Although fwiw some of the business processes thought up by the logistics branch are 'kin horrendous. They've imposed quite a few checks and controls on top of JPA that essentially make it unworkable.
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