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Hay everyone, this is my first post here... I need help with a few things. I Wanted to join as a Naval aircraft handler, but in my aptitude score i was about 6 marks off this is my 2nd attempt to !! Bloody test... I dont think they give you enought time.

As they told me this they said you could join as a marine comando, as my test score was enought for this. I said no strait away..

A few days later I decided to phone the office again and ask if there was any other way i could join by doing a different trade. Then for some reson they said yes you can be Warfare specialist, or seaman specialist,,, I decided I would go for seaman. I rang them a few days later and said yes i will do it but as the guy in the c office was taking to me about it he seamed to be a bit arsy, and saying the interview is going to be quite difficult because i have not shown an intrest at all with the seaman job and said its going to look like i am just desparate to join and i will just take any job... But the seaman job would probably be better for me any way as i have had a lot of expereance driving boats, from what it looks, there is quite a lot of things involed as a seaman specialist. Does any one here do this job now??? Can anyone tell me a bit more about the job as i am going to really have to work on this, as my interview is in 2 weeks. Has anyone else had the same problem about not being able to join there choisen trade cos of the aptitude test???? Any help would be really helpfull

That is what the aptitude tests are supposed to be for to aid new recruits in identifying the best job for them in the RN. It is of course possible that you came over to the recruiter as someone that would take any job and he felt you might not be committed enough to complete the training.

I guess you will just have to put him right in the interview (in a very polite wasy of course).

Good luck.
Ye thats what i am tying to do, need to convince them that i really wanna be a seaman. Do you have any idear what the job is like. Do you know if many people have failed the interview. Do they give you a 2nd chance if you dont pass first time round??
Cant really give you any advice about trades etc as i'm an ex bootie. The best way to show that you are keen, willing and able is to plan for the interview by doing stacks of research about the areas that you might want to go into. Also, and this is really important. Look smart. Suit, tie, and POLISHED shoes. If you came into an interview with me it would be the first thing that i would look for. Is this man smart?? commited. Do the research and POLITELY put them straight about your seemingly lack of commitment.

Good luck
Cant give you info on a seaman! Don't have a clue. But if you are thought to be reasonably fit for the job and you balls up the interview i think they will give you another go. Happened to two lads at our medical! They were doing their medical and fitness test and were going to go back in a couple of months to redo their interviews. In the meantime they were still working their way down the waiting lists. Like i say though, i would think you have to seem reasonably fit for the job in the first place. Is there nothing on RN website about Seaman? If not... while your waiting for an answer on here, be reading up on all types of boats, subs, history on the website. Also they expect you to know each wage increment (i got told off for not knowing that).
I have read quite a bit on seamen and the web page on the RN site, But I wanna make sure i havent missed something... Do you think I should learn all the names of all the boats etc, or is there to many to list?
Make sure you know the names of some of the ships/boats and establishments, I want to join the submarine service and made sure I knew names and types of boats. All the advice that I have been given on here is to make sure you know something.They do not expect you to be an expert, but to show a keen interest and to have researched your chosen trade including something about the training establishments you would have to attend.

All the best with your application
Yea, xav's got it spot on! Learn EVERY type of boat (i.e. Type 42 Destroyer, Aircraft carriers etc.) There isnt many.
You DO NOT however need to know the name of ALL boats (i.e. HMS Manchester <Destroyer>, HMS Illustrious <aircraft carrier> etc.) DO note a few of these but don't go stupid on it unless you've got spare time.

As far as the seamen info goes. They really don't expect you to know all that much about it... they know that the only info available to you is that which they provide on the website / leaflets etc. This provides you with plenty of scope for questions in the interview. Think of lots of questions about seamen - (the ones that aren't answered in the leaflets), it will get you far.

They don't expect you to know everything, they are there to teach you. All they want to know is that you have gone out of your way to read up on what information is available.

A bit of the history wont go a miss (pain in the arse as it is)!!! Again, remember your pay increments, ratings, leave, the periods in which you can leave (notice required etc.)

I don't know what your job involves at all but i would perhaps also go out of my way to learn some knots, mapreading and tell them you have (IF YOUR JOB WILL INVOLVE THEM?!?!?!)

Let me know if you need anything else.



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Good advice from Jonno mate, I suspect you need to impress your Careers Adviser big time in order for he/she to consider you are a viable applicant & to merit the award of their discretion in allowing you to join in a trade completely different to the one you initially applied for.

You need to prove you are worth the risk of the expenditure in your training for a job you had not even considered previously.

You need to shine at interview mate- remember you are not permitted another shot at the recruiting test.

Good luck fella- revise & you could do it!
People do degrees in seamanship these days. There must be some info at your local library 'seamanship basics' or something. See what books there are on the RN in your library. Remember - 'Google is your friend'.
hey fella, thought i'd give you a little pointer as i did the very same as you. i wanted to join as an artificer and was just lacking the gcse in maths and english, (duh!) so i joined as the equivelent as what you are looking to be. however, having done a few years in that trade i gained my gcse's through the navy and have now transfered over to artificer, so it's never too late to do other thibgs, some are only open to you after you have joined, pysical training instructor or regulator for example. the experience with driving boats is neither here nor there to be honest, show in the interview that you have looked into the navy and have shown a mutual interest in the navy before it will show an interest in you,(especially what they have given to you) as it were, i dont think you have to worry too greatly tho.. if you were looking to transfer to wafu (air arm) at a later date this would prove difficult.. ina nut shell, make sure you do want to do the job before you join otherwise i would advice that you just wait for your first preference.. worked out good for me though.. help it helps?!?


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limey_sailor said:
if you were looking to transfer to wafu (air arm) at a later date this would prove difficult.. ina nut shell, make sure you do want to do the job before you join
A very good point by LS.

In case you haven't seen the previous posts on this subject.

Please see below a copy of your potential Attestation Form (the bit you sign-on when you join). A copy of this form is given to you when you have your very first selection interview. The red bit is rather pertinent.
[align=right]Form S3049 RN
Revised DNR Sept 06 [/align]

Part 5 - Declaration by Candidate Continued

I certify that:

a) The Careers Adviser has informed me of the various branches and specialisations that I can enter and that once I have entered there is no possibility of changing my mind and try to transfer to a different branch. However, I understand that the service may transfer me to any branch that assumes the functions of the branch which I first entered. I am content with my branch of choice and have chosen to enter as:

[align=center]YOUR BRANCH HERE [/align]

b) The terms and conditions of service in this rank have been explained to me and I understand them. I have not been persuaded to join by any other offer

Candidate’s Signature Date

Signature Witness 1 Rank

Print Name

Signature Witness 2 Rank

Print Name

Part 6 – Final Approval to Serve in the Royal Navy

6.1 I am satisfied that this candidate meets the requirements for entry into the Royal Navy

Signature Rank Date

Print Name
Thanks all, Lot of help there, I have had a bit of experience on boats in the past as my father is a power boat instructor, I was thinking about bringing that up in the interview or is that a bad idear? You sure you only get one chance at the interview??

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