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  1. Just joined the site and saying HI! to all. :)
  2. Ahoy!
  3. What Ho!
  4. oi oi shippers!

    Welcome and jump right in :wink:
  5. Welcome shippers, but I seriously hope that you are more than a conversationalist than HI. We need people who can keep an interesting sea story going, because as you will find out they are far and few between onboard this bucket.

    Okay, okay I hear you. Just keep it down at the back and go back to sleep.

    Shipmates, I ask you. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Bonjour!!
  7. Goddag, Lee 'ander!
  8. Welcome "Lea_Anders" , jump in there shipmate , I served on 2 Leanders , HMS Argonaut & HMS Danae , Brilliant Ships company's on both of them , so many memories , & both had brilliant skippers , Simon de Halpert & Colin Laird Mcgregor ,

    Mcgregor does'nt look right but I dare say some one will put me right , sorry , :roll:

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