Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tas-ape, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Wish I had found this site sooneer. Joined the Mob in 74 left 80.
    My youngest Son Scott enters H.M.S. Raleigh on Sunday the 17th Sept. Talk about history repeating it'self.
    Great site.
  2. Welcome Tas-ape. We sign on for 22 years these days. :wink:

    What branch is the boy going in for?

  3. Hi Silver_Fox
    He will eventually specialise in Fixed Wing/Helicoter electronics, but is still to decide which. I always told him to get a civi street trade that will see him in good stead when his time is up.
    From what he has been telling me, it's a lot different from my days. He says that when he goes to Raleigh, he pays twenty-two pounds a month to get his bedding laundry done?.
    Also "Civvy Street" cleaners board vessel in dock to clean them? Aye things have changed since my day. Remember middle-watches getting ready for skippers rounds?? 8)
  4. Not really TasApe! The only time civvies clean ships are during refits and docking periods - not when a ship is alongside. 'Twas the same in your day when the dockies cleaned up their own gash in refits. The oh-so-wonderful tradition of matelots scrubbing decks at 0300 for next day's CO's rounds is very much alive and well.
  5. Hmmmm! You mean that today's ratings are actually prepared to get on their hands and knees without saying it breaches their human rights! :wink: So naval standards haven't gone completely to pot then! But for how much longer Geoffrey?

    Having said that, I haven't hoovered my carpets for at least 3 weeks! :oops:...
  6. Hi Tas, I'm also going down on the same day as your son, as an AET also. I just picked my ticket up last Thursday, going to have to find a good book for the eight hour train journey. 8O
  7. Whoops, forgot to log on.
  8. I know a guy joining on that date too, let us know how he gets on.
  9. Thanks for all the positive info lads. Aye he catches the train on Sunday 17th of Sept. Keen a mustard, and gagging at the bit. It takes me back to the night that I boarded the night sleeper train at Glasgow Central. As a parting gift me old man gave me a quarter bottle of "The Famous Grouse" and two tinnies of McKewans Export. The train pulled out, I found my berth where there was another guy sitting, obviously full of Piss. Turned out he was a three badge no hook (meant **** all to me at the time) stoker on his way back to Guzz. Seen my carry-out helped himself (Big-Bastard) and fell asleep. After my basic Part 1 then 2 then 3 at Vernon, I joined H.M.S. Naiad. After about three months onboard I suddenly realised that I was glad he fell asleep. Nothing against Stokers mind!
    Will post reports as and when I get them and let you all know how he is doing......jammy wee get! 8)
  10. Geodie_Git,
    Am I correct in saying that you are joining up on the same day? If so, look out for Scott Caplan, that's me lad! 8)
  11. ey tas-ape, welcome to rr!

    Jump right in, it's a lovely place full of old memories and replays of the golden rivet days!!
  12. still haven't found one of those yet......want to show me JD :twisted: :?:
  13. I joined in 1963 and the train journey from Newcastle Central to Plymouth was 21 hours (via Crewe of course).

    Ah! the days of steam!
  14. Roger that Tas, tell him to look out for a tall Geordie who answers to Chris Ormonde.
  15. Lol Chock, hope you had a good book.

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