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Its getting all reviewed, i had to fill out all the dates,ops, courses,quals etc and just go from there.
Then they will see if they can find a suitable position for you, but its just a waiting game.


Ive tried contacting the KIWIS a couple of times, I sent in the info request thing so I could apply. Gave them all the information, met all the requirements, and I got an email back from them 6 weeks later saying something totally random and not even relervent about immigration, email back no reply.

Sent off another request, no reply, must have annoyed someone. Ah well their loss.

Starting to think the navy is ago as the royal navy didnt want me, and the kiwis dont seem to want me, and im not joining the french navy.


daffy1 said:
FFL then???
I just dont think I could ever bring myself to fight for the French, all of the squaddie in me just starts spitting bile at the thought. The problem is i have a degree and post grad studies but only one a level so i always fail paper sift. I wouldnt mind starting back at the bottom but i would like the chance to influence the train set on a larger scale and the only way i see to do that is with a commission; which i dont think im ever going to get. Anyhow better not rant dont want to hijack someones genuine question too much.
Pack your bergan, jump on a plane and ask. As a Uk citizen you'll get given a 6 months visa when you arrive. You'll also be able to pick up any type of job if your under 30, what you got to lose?

..P.S....just stay away from Auckland it's a sh1thole.


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It might not sound a lot in £Sterling, but check this out and see what you get for your money compared to the UK.

For instance, this property valued at NZ$649,000 at today's exchange rate is £254,000

The latest average income figures in NZ show that an AB or Killick is quite well paid. "In the June 2008 quarter, median weekly wage and salary income was $729, up 2.7 percent from the June 2007 quarter. For males, the increase was 5.1 percent (to $863)"

$863 p/w = $44876 p/a

Where as here in the UK...

Average UK salary "median weekly pay for full-time employees in the UK grew by 4.6 per cent in the year to April 2008 to reach £479. Median earnings of full-time male employees was £521 per week"

£521 p/w = £27092

The pay review for 2009 puts an AB on £16681 up to £28372 and a Killick on £25887 up to £32532. The figures you've linked to were for 2008 and were the starting salary of each rate (AB $42011 & L/H $45894), so I think overall the kiwis don't do too bad.


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My Offer Of Service arrived yesterday, not a bad one either. Time to start considering my future even more seriously.
Good news's all about options and it would seem you have one worth serious consideration. Best to you whatever you decide!


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Quick update. Notice given last week and Offer Of Service accepted in writing. Not got the visas through yet, but well on the way.
We'll be able to have a decent RR run ashore down here soon.

I take it you'll be based up in Auckland, give me a shout when you want to see the mountains and lakes etc, NZB and myself live in the good bit of NZ, we'll put on a bbq and shout you a few stubbies. :)


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ATG - They 'especially' want PWO(C)s and, as our Navy doesn't seem to even be able to remember what we do, I am looking forward to being valued again (by more than my own line management). If you are interested, they are after Warfare Officers of any persuasion. Overseas Applicants | Defence Careers

WB - Thank you for the offer - I'll still be on here and will update as I go. Yes, the plan is Auckland to start for about a year shoreside then some sea time (another plus for me as my seagoing days are pretty well behind me here) and then see how it develops after that.
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