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Discussion in 'International' started by daffy1, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Are NZ Navy doing a push in recruitment ?, been looking at their website, and it has got me curious. Even they i am a ex bootneck with 8 years behind me and left as a marine would i still be able to submit my intrest or do they only except members from the royal navy.
    It does not say any service but i am just assuming it's the royal navy PO or above, i could be wrong cause they have short falls in their able ratings, especially their divers. They just seem to be after military experience. If anyone have any info it would be welcomed.
  2. Mate, from page 4 of the overseas candidate information pack:

    Applicants will need to meet the following basic criteria for consideration:
    a. Be a current or recent ex-serving member of the UK, Australian or Canadian Armed Forces, and
    b. Have been a citizen of the UK, Australia, USA or Canada for 10 years.

    So it looks like you're as eligible as anyone fella.
  3. Thats what i am thiking,but does it have to be a trade that they have short falls in? as i am not diver trained but wont mind going for their divers. And we get people from the commonwealth joining other branches here.
  4. lol i thought you had to be a citizen from that country, but s there a austrailian Navy?
  5. It's worth a try just contacting them, I did a while ago but decided it wasn't for me. The army are also recruiting. Did you pick up any quals in the corps? Give them a shout and see what happens, a mate of mine did and was over there 5 months later.
  6. Nah not got any quals as i was GD, only the ones from resseatlement. I dont have any responsibilities in the UK and divers have a massive waiting list so why not the New Zealand Navy, gonna have a look at the army as well, i remember when the Oz commandos were formed they did a massive recruitment from the marines.

    Also Scarface look at the website then you may talk.
  7. The NZ Army will only look at Cpl-Ssgt
  8. Thanks soleil, but i am wondering before i fill it out, are they only excepting oversea applications thats from a trade to fill up their trades ie, coms tech in the royal navy filling the role as a comms tech in the NZ Navy ?
    or can some one with military experience,but no trade can go in to their divers?
  9. Is there no one at the embassy you can speak to millitary attache (spelling) or what ever they are called. Maybe not him personally but his dept.
  10. I can't speak with authority but I have an uneasy feeling that they might only consider candidates from the UK who are already fully trained up in the job they want to go to in the NZ Navy - but I might also be talking out of my hat!

    I've noticed that there is an e-mail address for their Lateral Recruiting Cell in that Overseas Applicants' Pack -

    [email protected]

    What about sending them an e-mail this evening and asking them about this? It's 0723 in NZ at the moment - they'll be in the office soon - you could have your answer by the time you go to bed!
  11. ok thanks
  12. :lol: :lol
  13. Ha well spotted, yea that is pretty silly of me
  14. Shippers, contact them. You don't know unless you speak to them direct and they are cool as you like. You'll get loads of help and direction from them. Just give it a go.
  15. Daffy

    FFS mate, are you a noob? The way you keep on asking us about the Kiwi Navy lends me to think that you are. Why not ask the people who will actually know the right answers to your questions, ie the bloody NZ Navy recruiters. It's not rocket science.
  16. Stop your moaning
  17. He has a point, after 8 years in the corps "pro-active" should be a description that fits.
  18. But did you contact the Kiwi Navy recruiting team???


  19. Yea all ready done, just waiting for a reply

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